Orbital SFX
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Pack Contents

  • 10 Riser Presets
  • 10 Fall Presets
  • 5 Impact Presets
  • 10 Explosion Presets
  • 5 Reverse Presets
  • 5 Sub Drop Presets
  • 5 Bleep Presets


"These sounds are likely to give you some new ideas and get you working on exciting new tracks."

Orbital SFX
Massive Presets

Category: Synth Presets
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Dubstep, EDM, House, Minimal, Techno

Colossal fragments of rock and ice whirling around giant balls of gas, waltzing and colliding as their orbits move in and out of phase with each another - welcome to the cosmic sound of Orbital SFX - Massive Presets, the pack that will send your music soaring towards the edges of space and beyond!

Featuring 50 intricately programmed sound effects patches for Native Instruments’ mighty Massive synth, Orbital SFX vacuum-seals risers, falls, impacts, explosions, bleeps, sub drops, reverses and more into its star-bound preset capsule. Oscillators vibrate and shimmer as they span the lengths of nebulae; filters spiral out of control as the pressure sky-rockets then plummets; automated effects push and propel signals as they arc through space and time. You better stay seated because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

These sounds come to you in Massive’s native .nmsv format and, as with all ModeAudio synth presets, have all 8 macro controls assigned for maximum control and flexibility. Assign your external MIDI controls or automate in your DAW to have instant access to core details of every preset sound, from filter cut-offs, drive amounts and pan modulation to LFO types, envelope durations, wavetable positions and much more.

Launch your productions above the clouds with Orbital SFX - Massive Presets!

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Format Contents

  • Massive

Massive Contents

  • 50 .nmsv Presets*
*Please make sure you have updated your version of Massive to 1.3 or newer to use this pack.

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