ModeAudio puts top quality sound packs at your fingertips for less, from loops & samples to synth presets, patches & beyond!

Loops & Samples

Journey from deep space to the jungle in a heartbeat with 208 blissful Ambient loops & samples!
Flip Your Beats Upside Down With 516MB Of Deliciously Skewed & Smoky Hip Hop Loops!
448MB of blazing, bouncing House beats & sleek R&B analog synths to get the party started!
Soul Trap
Smooth Keys & Soulful Synths nestle above epic 808 Bass & Trap Drums in this explosive sound pack!

Hits & Patches

Drum Redox
Make your beats stand out from the crowd with 320 deeply atmospheric & ultra punchy drum samples!
Hybrid Drums
Inject your beats with a new surge of energy & excitement with 367 expertly layered Drum Samples!
465 heavyweight, glitched drum hits to inject some mayhem into your rhythms!
$19.22 $17.94
460 ultra-punchy Drum Samples - vintage circuitry meets modern thump!

Synth Presets

Wash Your Tracks In Oceans Of Submerged Synths & Bubbling Basses With 50 Serum Presets & 35 Loops!
Enrich & invigorate your productions with 60 deeply textural Ambient presets for Serum!
Desert Highway
Claim the musical riches waiting for you at the end of the road with 60 Presets for Serum!
Sentient Synths
60 deliciously analog-inspired Synth Presets for Xfer Serum - be careful, this release has a mind of its own!

Field Recordings

Eastern Scenes
Take your productions on an Eastern adventure with 20 location recordings!
Feel the sublime sonic textures of rain, wind and water in this elementary sound set!
City Scenes
Listen as the city vibrates and pulses in these 6 Ambient Field Recordings!
City Transport
Get you music moving to the rhythm of the city with 6 Ambient Field Recordings!

Bundle Packs

Analog Drums Bundle
An ecstatic, bumper collection of 1,499 analog drum samples - ultra-characterful, punchy & powerful!
$78.16 $51.25
Ambient Bundle 2
2.5GB of rich, exotic sound design, spread across 1,132 Ambient Loops, Samples & MIDI!
$85.85 $51.25
Alt Drums Bundle
1313 wonderfully warped Drum & Percussion Samples in 1 striking collection!
$76.88 $48.69
Alt Hip Hop Bundle
1,250+ Hip Hop Music Loops, Drum Samples & more - 1 explosive beat-making arsenal!
$76.24 $48.69

Latest Articles

"We loved the hazy, lush soundscapes and rich 80s analog synth samples ModeAudio created for our 'Prismatic Bliss' Maschine expansion. This is a sound designer that understands the concept and delivers with style."
- Native Instruments GmbH

“I really love the sounds ModeAudio provided for our ‘Disturbance’ Octatrack pack - the quality and versatility of their samples are a perfect match for our hardware.”
- Cenk Sayinli, Elektron

"Here at Renoise, we're very sample-centric and ModeAudio is offering some of the best in the business. We are looking forward to more collaborations in the future!"
- Bjørn Næsby, Renoise

"ModeAudio is a strong provider of content in the official Propellerhead ReFill shop. The quality of their ReFills is impeccable and their sense of style is spot on."
- Kristoffer Wallman, Content Manager, Propellerhead (makers of Reason)

"Image-Line is proud to partner with ModeAudio, by bringing their SFX Bundle and Sleepless City sample packs directly to our user base."
- Image-Line BVBA (makers of FL Studio)

“ModeAudio is among our featured collaborators, consistently designing amazing sounds with authentic style while clearly demonstrating the power of Bitwig Studio.”
- Nick Meehan, Head of Communications, Bitwig GmbH

"Well-designed patches, loops, MIDI loops and more music production essentials, all at competitive prices. What's not to like?"
- Rounik Sethi, Editor, Ask Audio Magazine

"Ingenious sounds require talented sound designers and ModeAudio is definitely one of them. They squeeze out way more than you'd ever expect from any synth or effect they get their hands on, creating top notch sound presets. Keep it up!"
- D16 Group (Synth & Plugin Developers)

"ModeAudio's Circle² expansion was top quality and popular with our users. We strongly recommend ModeAudio’s presets and samples, they clearly have an ear for the ingredients of a great track."
- Future Audio Workshop (Makers of Circle²)

"The samples from ModeAudio are clean, great quality and highly useable. The additional MIDI data and project files help me integrate the samples into my tracks like never before - you can't sniff at their bargain pricing either."
- Reuben Cornell, composer & writer for Computer Music Magazine


ModeAudio aims to deliver audio tools that sound incredible, are available instantly and that will integrate seamlessly with your favourite music software. We've packed as much of our musical and technical knowledge into each and every one of our products as humanly possible - we hope our passion and dedication will be plain to see and hear.

If a sound or preset of ours helps to inspire your music, then we'll consider our job done!

the ModeAudio team

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