Ambient Sounds

Ambient sound is in our DNA - at ModeAudio, we pour every last drop of our experience & passion for sound design into creating only the most vivid sound textures, from rustling noise layers & deep synth drones to eclectic field recordings & far beyond!

Ambient Loops & Textures

Ingulf the sonic scenery of your next soundtrack with 652MB of hazy Ambient loops & rustling FX textures!

Ambient Pop Loops

Conjure powerful weather fronts in your music with this sweeping, 639MB set of rich Ambient textures, sweet Synths & punchy Beats!

Ambient String Loops

Send your music soaring through vibrant skies with the rich, orchestral warmth of 195 Ambient String Samples!


"This unique full of gentle & evocative progressions"
- MusicTech Mag

Machine Code

Serum Sequence Presets

Propel your music into vibrant skies with 50 kinetic sequence presets for Serum, built from 40 custom wavetables!
Moon Dance

Serum Ambient Presets

Drift between worlds with 50 hypnotic Ambient presets for Serum, 50 MIDI loops & 9 custom noise samples!

Granular Texture Samples

Engulf your music in 1.4GB of colossal granular textures, shimmering drones & rich, experimental sound design!


"Lose yourself in this cavernous collection of all-terrain texture tones"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Ambient Texture Samples

Drown your sound in 2GB of seething Ambient drones & noise textures in this tour de force of Cinematic samples!
Colour Field

Piano Texture Samples

Wash your music in the timeless sound of the piano with 660MB of kaleidoscopic Ambient texture samples!

Colour Field

"A hauntingly beautiful library that includes various well-labelled chord voicings"
- MusicTech Mag

Cinematic Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$102.28 $62.20
Pull back the curtains & pain vibrant sonic scenes in your DAW with 5GB of richly atmospheric Drones,Textures & SFX!
Drones & Textures Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$105.05 $62.20
Prepare your music to weather the tide & drench your tracks in 5GB of smouldering Drones, showering Textures & simmering Noise SFX!

Cinematic Loops & Rhythms

Drift amongst clouds & let the cool breeze into your music with 593MB of soaring Synths, Textures & Rhythms!


"Comprising lofty grooves & soaring synths, this title pulses & propels in all the right places"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


String Texture Samples

Bathe your music in 738MB of rich, warm string drones & Ambient orchestral textures!
Monumental Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0017

Unleash a colossal tidal wave of sound on your next track with 1GB of sprawling Ambient drones & textures!
Miniscule Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0016

Peer down the microscope & unlock an entire universe of vivid granular sound with 60 captivating SFX samples!

Cinematic Drones & Textures

Embrace the quiet before the snowstorm with 2GB of simmering drones, swirling textures & mountainous rhythms!

Noise Texture Samples

Prepare to be blown away in a 1.43GB storm of seething noise samples, singed textures & blissful drones!

Downtempo Piano Loops

Propel your music amidst the rippling clouds with 491MB of ethereal pianos, flickering ambiences & organic rhythms!

Dark Cinematic Loops

$24.88 $22.12
Creep out your next track with 648MB of spooky synths, monstrous bass & ghostly Ambient textures!

Ambient Samples & Textures

$27.64 $24.88
Drift through an expanse of shimmering light with 2.2GB of Ambient drones, textures & blissful basses!

Serum Synthwave Presets

Enter a shadowy world of looming architecture, synthesis & dark dreams with 50 dystopian Synthwave presets for Serum!

Inspiring Ambient Samples & Sounds For Your Next Project

Step inside our ambient sounds and samples lab and feast your ears on the exquisite range of textural delights we've created for you! Our ambient sound files collection contains a wealth of detailed, dense and deep sonic material for layering and building soundbeds, backgrounds and deliciously delicate rhythms within your music.

From evolving music pads, rich synth textures, layered Ambient backgrounds, noise sound effects and beyond, our selection of WAV samplesREX2 files and Ableton Live packs provides a dazzling palette for you to take advantage of in your music productions.

Our collection also incorporates a range of ambient synth presets, crafted to maximise usability and flexibility. Pick from a choice of basses, chord synths, pads, leads, textures, SFX and beyond. Pick your pack, download and start designing blissful ambient music in an instant!

Ambient Sounds FAQ

Q: What is Ambient sound?

A: The term 'Ambient' when applied in a musical context was coined by British musician Brian Eno, who used it to describe music designed to present a particular atmosphere rather than traditional melodies, rhythms and song structures. This typically involves slow-moving, sparse arrangements of a small palette of sounds, and importantly emphasises the texture and tone of a sound over the actual notes being played.

Ambient sounds are audio files or synthesizer presets which contain or produce sounds of this nature, such as long, sustained synth drones, delicate noise textures and location field recordings.

Q: What types of Ambient sounds are there?

A: There are a number of different ways to classify Ambient sounds but at ModeAudio, we use a small group of broad definitions: basses and subs, which emphasise low-end notes and rumbling textures; ambiences and synth layers, which focus on held chords and textural layers; textures and noise layers, which emphasise the tone and grain of predominantly atonal or non-pitched sounds; and sound effects and transitions, which focus on the building and release of musical tension.

Q: How can I use Ambient sounds in my music?

A: At ModeAudio, we offer 3 different kinds of collections of Ambient sounds: Ambient music loops, Ambient samples and Ambient synth presets

Ambient music loops are sounds edited to a specific number of bars and at a specific tempo, which can be looped within your DAW.

Ambient samples are usually long files of between 20 and 60 seconds, containing the gradual attack, sustain and long decay of an Ambient sound.

Ambient synth presets are files designed for use within a specific piece of audio software such as Serum, which when loaded up will produce Ambient sounds such as drones or textures. These sounds can be produced using your DAW's piano roll or MIDI keyboard, meaning you are free to choose the pitch and length of the notes.