Ambient Sounds

Ambient sound is in our DNA - at ModeAudio, we pour every last drop of our experience & passion for sound design into creating only the most vivid sound textures, from rustling noise layers & deep synth drones to eclectic field recordings & far beyond!
Spectral Surface

Texture Hits [Extension]

An otherworldly collection of 49 evolving, mind-bending Synth Texture Samples!
Edge of Orbit

SFX Samples

Lock, load and blast off with 100 powerful and uplifting SFX samples!
Spectral Surface

Massive Texture Presets

A sensory onslaught of innovative sound design for Massive - 50 intense Presets!

Spectral Surface

"It takes a deep understanding of NI Massive to consistently design patches this well-made."
- Ohm Lab


Massive Pad Loops [Extension]

50 Pad and Chord Progression Loops, from blissful to brooding and beyond!

Massive Pad Presets

Airy Pads, shimmering Textures and kinetic Synth Sequences for Massive!


"Good value for money, well designed patches with a common theme"
- AskAudio Mag

Dust Road

Massive Vintage Loops [Extension]

Welcome to the sun-baked, dreamy sound of 53 Bass & Synth Loops!
Burst SFX

Transition Samples

Set lazers to stun - grab 55 explosive Transition SFX Samples now!
Hyper Beats

Drum Hits [Extension]

Slam the bang back into your beat with 160 phat Drum Samples and 10 Sampler Kits!

Found Percussion Hits

150 Samples of thumps, knocks, flicks, tears & more - enter new drum dimensions!


"This is exactly what I’m looking for in a percussive library of this type"
- Bedroom Producers Blog

Curved Horizon

Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

Feast your ears on 50 beautifully warm, analog-style Synth, Pad and Bass loops!

Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops

Drift amongst the hazy clouds with 50 Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Presets

50 sparkling House Presets for Reason's thunderous Thor Synth!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Presets

Fuzzy, warm and blissful Synths - take the Dust Road to analogue heaven!

Dust Road

"I love the movement, the slight variations you get when holding a note and the useful macros"
- Rekkerd

Edge of Noise

FM8 SFX Presets

50 searing, sputtering and soaring SFX Presets to inspire your FM8 synth!
Power Tools

Drum Samples & Patches

330 crushing Drum Samples and 30 Drum Kit Patches - elevate your drum sound!
Curved Horizon

FM8 Vintage Presets

Discover the warm heart of FM8 with 50 glowing Presets and MIDI Loops!
Burst SFX

Thor & Combinator Presets

55 burning, intergalactic SFX Presets for Reason's Thor & Combinator!

Drones & Textures

Pour 100 delicate and dangerous Drones & Texture Samples over your music!
Fibre Optics

Massive Pad & SFX Presets

50 ethereal and colourful Textures, Drones and Synth Pads for Massive!

Inspiring Ambient Samples & Sounds For Your Next Project

Step inside our ambient sounds and samples lab and feast your ears on the exquisite range of textural delights we've created for you! Our ambient sound files collection contains a wealth of detailed, dense and deep sonic material for layering and building soundbeds, backgrounds and deliciously delicate rhythms within your music.

From evolving music pads, rich synth textures, layered Ambient backgrounds, noise sound effects and beyond, our selection of WAV samplesREX2 files and Ableton Live packs provides a dazzling palette for you to take advantage of in your music productions.

Our collection also incorporates a range of ambient synth presets, crafted to maximise usability and flexibility. Pick from a choice of basses, chord synths, pads, leads, textures, SFX and beyond. Pick your pack, download and start designing blissful ambient music in an instant!

Ambient Sounds FAQ

Q: What is Ambient sound?

A: The term 'Ambient' when applied in a musical context was coined by British musician Brian Eno, who used it to describe music designed to present a particular atmosphere rather than traditional melodies, rhythms and song structures. This typically involves slow-moving, sparse arrangements of a small palette of sounds, and importantly emphasises the texture and tone of a sound over the actual notes being played.

Ambient sounds are audio files or synthesizer presets which contain or produce sounds of this nature, such as long, sustained synth drones, delicate noise textures and location field recordings.

Q: What types of Ambient sounds are there?

A: There are a number of different ways to classify Ambient sounds but at ModeAudio, we use a small group of broad definitions: basses and subs, which emphasise low-end notes and rumbling textures; ambiences and synth layers, which focus on held chords and textural layers; textures and noise layers, which emphasise the tone and grain of predominantly atonal or non-pitched sounds; and sound effects and transitions, which focus on the building and release of musical tension.

Q: How can I use Ambient sounds in my music?

A: At ModeAudio, we offer 3 different kinds of collections of Ambient sounds: Ambient music loops, Ambient samples and Ambient synth presets

Ambient music loops are sounds edited to a specific number of bars and at a specific tempo, which can be looped within your DAW.

Ambient samples are usually long files of between 20 and 60 seconds, containing the gradual attack, sustain and long decay of an Ambient sound.

Ambient synth presets are files designed for use within a specific piece of audio software such as Serum, which when loaded up will produce Ambient sounds such as drones or textures. These sounds can be produced using your DAW's piano roll or MIDI keyboard, meaning you are free to choose the pitch and length of the notes.