Logic Pro & Apple Loops

Elevate your Logic Pro & Garageband projects today with our inspiring selections of explosive drum samples, drum kits & royalty-free Apple Loops! Our sample packs also include MIDI Loops to tool up your DAW's instruments straight after download.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Ambient Vocal Loops
$23.22 $16.25
Layer your music in the deeply immersive, evocative sound of 235 Ambient Vocal Loops & dreamy Voice Samples!
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Darkwave Loops
$23.22 $16.25
Conjur shadowy Synth Pop epics in your DAW with 286MB of eerie analog synth loops, guitars & dreamy Darkwave beats!
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"Well-designed patches, loops, MIDI loops and more music production essentials, all at competitive prices. What's not to like?"

- Rounik Sethi / Ask Audio Magazine

Explosive Logic Pro Drum Kits & Apple Loops For Your Next Jam

Apple Loops of all flavours and varieties, from deep bass loops, vibrant synth samples, and colourful SFX to huge, layered drums, found percussion and beyond - welcome to our selection of the most versatile and inspiring audio tools to level up your MacOS productions available!

Expand your sonic arsenal in either of Apple's exemplary DAWs with our sample packs crafted specifically for Logic Pro and Garageband. From loops formatted within the historic Apple Loops Utility, to expertly mixed and matched drum kits for Logic Pro X's Sampler device, our royalty-free libraries bring you sounds that will sync seamlessly with your master project tempo as well as get your next drum beat off the ground in a heartbeat.

Supercharge your loop browser within Logic Pro and Garageband - download Apple Loops, MIDI files and drum kit sampler patches crafted with care and infinitesimal detail, spanning HouseTechno and Ambient to TrapEDM, Chillwave, Downtempo and beyond!

Logic Pro & Apple Loops FAQ

Q: What is Logic Pro?

A: Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation or DAW, which is a piece of computer software dedicated to music production. Logic Pro can be used to create music, through the recording, editing, arranging and processing of digital audio, and is host software for digital effects and virtual instruments called Audio Units (AU).

Logic Pro is available exclusively for Apple's Mac OS operating system, having been bought and subsequently developed by Apple from German company Emagic in 2002. Its current iteration is Logic Pro X.

Q: What is Garageband?

A: Garageband is also a digital audio workstation, computer software dedicated to making music. It is essentially a simplified, more user-friendly version of Logic Pro, aimed at the less experienced end of the music production market. Garageband is a free application available exclusively to users of Apple computers.

Q: What are Apple Loops?

A: Apple Loops are audio files in the .aiff format which also store keyword tags, tempo information and loop markers, allowing compatible Apple software such as Logic Pro and Garageband to sync loops to the master project tempo or Bpm, as well as organise them in a searchable audio browser.

Apple Loops themselves are no longer supported by Apple, as the software used to tag then, the Apple Loops Utility, has been discontinued for many years now. However, both Logic Pro and Garageband are compatible with ModeAudio's standard audio file format, the WAVE (.wav) audio file, meaning that all ModeAudio products are fully compatible with Apple software.

Q: What format do Logic Pro kits & presets come in?

A: Logic Pro drum kits and sampler instruments come in the .exs file format, which is named after the EXS24 software sampler, a part of previous versions of Logic Pro's software package.

EXS24 has been updated and renamed simply to 'Sampler' from Logic Pro X onwards, which the instrument users need to load up to use the drum kit presets found in ModeAudio drum sample packs.

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