The ModeAudio bundle packs collection is all about bringing you more royalty-free music loops, drum samples, sampler kits, synth presets and MIDI files for less - 35% less or more, to be precise - discounted beats, loops and samples have never sounded so good!

From multi-loop packs bursting full of synth leads, basslines, pad loops and more, to inspiring, flexible NI Massive preset bundles and complete sets of explosive drum sample packs, each bundle pack represents an entire battalion of sound - download a whole lot of bang for your buck right here!

Downtempo Bundle 2
Set your music afloat down a sparkling stream of 1.91GB of deep, drifting Downtempo loops, samples & MIDI!
$94.85 $55.33
Alt Drums Bundle 2
Discover new worlds of percussive possibility with 1,520 wildly diverse Alt Drum Samples!
$82.99 $50.06
Synthwave Bundle
Take on the grid & win with an immense, 1.94GB selection of analog-fired Synthwave Loops & Retro Samples!
$94.85 $59.28
Analog Drums Bundle
An ecstatic, bumper collection of 1,499 analog drum samples - ultra-characterful, punchy & powerful!
$80.36 $52.69
Guitar Bundle
Grab a huge discount off an epic collection of 780+ Guitar Samples & more!
$92.21 $59.28
Found Percussion Bundle
Drop 750 dynamic & wildly different Percussion Samples into your library!
$67.18 $43.47
Drum Bundle
900+ Drum Samples & 60+ Kits of sheer power - download and duck for cover!
$67.18 $43.47
SFX Bundle
Download 5 sample packs of explosive, mutating SFX & Textures in 1!
$67.18 $39.52
Massive Vintage Bundle
5 sets of warm, resonant Bass, Synth & SFX Presets for NI Massive in 1!
$85.63 $50.06