Cinematic Samples & Sounds

We've avid cinephiles here at ModeAudio, which bestows us with a deep respect for the art of the soundtrack - from thundering, action-packed scoring to delicate layers of evolving textures, there's something for every scene in our sample collection!

Ambient Loops & Textures

Ingulf the sonic scenery of your next soundtrack with 652MB of hazy Ambient loops & rustling FX textures!

Ambient String Loops

Send your music soaring through vibrant skies with the rich, orchestral warmth of 195 Ambient String Samples!
Machine Code

Serum Sequence Presets

Propel your music into vibrant skies with 50 kinetic sequence presets for Serum, built from 40 custom wavetables!

Cosmic Synth Loops

Tune your DAW into secret transmissions from faraway worlds with this set of 150 analog synth loops!
Moon Dance

Serum Ambient Presets

Drift between worlds with 50 hypnotic Ambient presets for Serum, 50 MIDI loops & 9 custom noise samples!

Granular Texture Samples

Engulf your music in 1.4GB of colossal granular textures, shimmering drones & rich, experimental sound design!


"Lose yourself in this cavernous collection of all-terrain texture tones"
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Post Rock Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0018

Wrap your music in layers of evocative harmony & elemental atmosphere with 112 smouldering Guitar & Bass Loops!

Ambient Texture Samples

Drown your sound in 2GB of seething Ambient drones & noise textures in this tour de force of Cinematic samples!


"Deluge bundles atmospheres of a special kind that sound mystical, hypnotic & even cosmic"
- Beat Magazin

Colour Field

Piano Texture Samples

Wash your music in the timeless sound of the piano with 660MB of kaleidoscopic Ambient texture samples!
Cinematic Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$102.28 $62.20
Pull back the curtains & pain vibrant sonic scenes in your DAW with 5GB of richly atmospheric Drones,Textures & SFX!
Drones & Textures Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$105.05 $62.20
Prepare your music to weather the tide & drench your tracks in 5GB of smouldering Drones, showering Textures & simmering Noise SFX!

Cinematic Loops & Rhythms

Drift amongst clouds & let the cool breeze into your music with 593MB of soaring Synths, Textures & Rhythms!


"Comprising lofty grooves & soaring synths, this title pulses & propels in all the right places"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Synthwave Soundtrack Samples

Soak your music in neon-tinged texture & extrovert synthwork with this 579MB set of Synthwave loops & samples!

String Texture Samples

Bathe your music in 738MB of rich, warm string drones & Ambient orchestral textures!


"Rich in harmony & orchestral majesty...completely sublime."
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Monumental Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0017

Unleash a colossal tidal wave of sound on your next track with 1GB of sprawling Ambient drones & textures!
Miniscule Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0016

Peer down the microscope & unlock an entire universe of vivid granular sound with 60 captivating SFX samples!

Cinematic Drones & Textures

Embrace the quiet before the snowstorm with 2GB of simmering drones, swirling textures & mountainous rhythms!

Noise Texture Samples

Prepare to be blown away in a 1.43GB storm of seething noise samples, singed textures & blissful drones!

Downtempo Piano Loops

Propel your music amidst the rippling clouds with 491MB of ethereal pianos, flickering ambiences & organic rhythms!

Dark Cinematic Loops

$24.88 $22.12
Creep out your next track with 648MB of spooky synths, monstrous bass & ghostly Ambient textures!

Sweeping Cinematic Sounds For Your Next Soundtrack

Cinematic sound rich in detail, atmosphere and intrigue, from the tiniest, scratching synth texture through to the sheer, explosive cacophony of a field recording taken in the heart of a bustling metropolis - welcome to the ModeAudio collection of royalty-free cinematic samples, loops and synth presets!

Spanning a whirlwind of exotic sonic flavours and sensations, our library of cinematic-infused audio ranges from bellowing analog synth drones, ticking percussion samples and soaring SFX to intimate field recordings, subtle pad loops, supple, tension-building sound beds, expressive Ambient sampler patches and far beyond.

If you're looking for sound libraries packed with dense, flexible palettes of sound material, from brittle, dark, deep and dangerous right through to light, airy, acrobatic, sensitive and so much more in between, then look no further - you've come to the right sound designers!