Drum Samples

Drums are the foundation of almost every genre out there, which is why we've made it our mission to create only the punchiest, most heavyweight drum sample packs & kits available, sourced from vintage drum machines, analog synths & more!
House Bundle

Loops & Samples

$94.43 $54.74
1100+ House Loops, Drum Samples, MIDI & more - dig in and dive deep!
Deep Instinct

Sylenth1 House Presets

Take a trip from burnt-out House to euphoric Mainroom with 60 Sylenth1 Presets!

Deep House Drum Samples

314 huge Deep House Drum Samples of pure punch & power, plus 12 epic Drum Kits!
Trap Kingdom

Trap Loops & Samples

430MB of deep, bass-drenched Trap Loops & dangerously majestic Samples!

Trap Kingdom

"An exciting new sample pack - …there is an endless amount of inspiration inside"
- Bedroom Producers Blog

Dawn House

House Loops & Samples

200+ Loops & Samples bouncing from epic Mainroom to hypnotic Deep House!
Ambient Bundle

Loops & Samples

$82.11 $49.27
450+ immersive Synths, Pads, Atmospheres & SFX to sink your music into!
Guitar Bundle

Loops & Samples

$95.80 $61.58
Grab a huge discount off an epic collection of 780+ Guitar Samples & more!
Sunset Electronica

Guitar Loops & Beats

Invite pure, golden summer into your studio with 157 Guitars, Beats & more!

Sunset Electronica

"The Guitars are very nice, including buoyant riffs, evocative leads and intricate arpeggios"
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Analog Snap

Percussion Samples

251 deep, smoky Analog Percussion Samples - bring the noise to your music!
House Generator

Ableton Live Racks

1.61GB of Ableton Live Racks & Samples - an entire mountain-range of House vibe!

House Generator

"Solid Bass and Chord patches, along with some killer drum samples"
- AskAudio Mag

Downtempo Bundle

Loops & Samples

$86.22 $54.74
600+ dreamy Downtempo Loops & Samples to kick-start a deep production trip!

Drum Loops & Samples

Dive in and drift off with 120 chilled-out Drum Loops & 60 big, bold Drum Samples!


"Highly recommended for those who appreciate the details and subtleties in music"
- FLStudioMusic


Hip Hop Loops & Samples

Lose your head in deliriously smoky Hip Hop rhythm - 165 Samples & more!
Found Percussion Bundle

Samples & Patches

$69.79 $45.16
Drop 750 dynamic & wildly different Percussion Samples into your library!
Beat Voltage

Drum Machine Samples

272 pristine analog Drum Machine Samples & 12 Drum Kits - feel the volts!

Ambient Loops

120 beautiful Ambient Loops & 43 Drum Samples to take your tunes on a journey...
Drum Bundle

Samples & Patches

$69.79 $45.16
900+ Drum Samples & 60+ Kits of sheer power - download and duck for cover!

Drum & Percussion Samples

Slam 210 expertly-warped Drum & Percussion samples into your DAW!

Chillwave Guitars & Loops

Plunge into a warm sonic pool of 200+ Chillwave Guitars, Drums & More!
Massive Genre Bundle

Synth Presets & MIDI Loops

$88.95 $52.00
5 Ultra-Flexible NI Massive Preset Packs in 1 - from Deep House to Trap & More!

Explosive Drum Samples For Your Next Beat

Drum samples are a vital element of virtually every electronic music production, so every last grain of our effort, skill and knowledge goes into crafting drum sample packs that sound punchy, full and fit perfectly into an extensive range of genres - all ModeAudio drum libraries are designed to lay the strongest foundations for your beats!

From huge, speaker-shaking kick samples and crisp, snappy snare sounds to bright hi hats, booming toms, fizzing shakers, rims, cymbals, percussion and beyond, our WAV drum samples collection spans thousands of pristine sounds ready to light up your projects whether you're making Hip HopHouseEDM and far beyond.

Carefully blending drum machine samples, drum soft synth and analog drum synth sounds with professional signal chain effects and channel strip plugins for added warmth and saturation, introduce a whole new type of percussive punch to your music now!

Drum Samples FAQ

Q: What is a drum sample?

A: A drum sample is short audio file consisting of a single strike of a drum sound, such as a bass drum. So, a bass drum or kick sample contains a single strike, 'thump' or 'hit', of a bass or kick drum.

Q: What are the different types of drum samples?

A: Broadly, there are two types of drum sample - acoustic and electronic. Acoustic drum samples are sourced and recorded from real drums and live drumming, whereas electronic drum sounds are generated using synthesizers and software.

Both types have many different sub types, which relate to the various parts of an acoustic drum kit - bass or kick drum, snare drum, tom, hi hat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal and so on.

Q: How can I use drum samples in my music?

A: You can use drum samples by recording or creating your own, or by downloading drum sample packs such as those we offer here on ModeAudio. These packs contain ready-made sounds that can be used directly in the arrangement section of your DAW, or within a sampler such as Ableton Live's Sampler device.

Q: What's the difference between drum samples, hits, one-shots, kits & loops?

A: The terminology can be confusing, but a drum sample, hit and one-shot are all the same thing - a short audio file consisting of a single strike of a given drum. Drum loops are patterns of a number of different drum sounds organised into a percussive rhythm, whereas a drum kit is a preset consisting of a set of related drum sounds that can be played together using a sampler such as Reason's Kong device. 

All ModeAudio drum sample packs contain drum kit presets for various software samplers, allowing you to start programming beats and rhythms as soon as you open up your DAW.