Keys & Piano Sounds

For most of us here at ModeAudio, learning piano was our introduction into the world of musical instruments, so it's with real experience and care that we craft our selection of smooth keys loops and uplifting piano samples for your production pleasure!
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Ambient Pop Loops

Conjure powerful weather fronts in your music with this sweeping, 639MB set of rich Ambient textures, sweet Synths & punchy Beats!

Ambient String Loops

Send your music soaring through vibrant skies with the rich, orchestral warmth of 195 Ambient String Samples!
Stasis Melt

Synthwave Loops

Turn your world upside down with 510MB of reality-melting analog Synthwave loops, drum samples & MIDI!

Cosmic Synth Loops

Tune your DAW into secret transmissions from faraway worlds with this set of 150 analog synth loops!

Drum Machine Samples

Detonate an explosion of thundering drum machine fury in your DAW with 339 epic drum machine samples!

Prepared Piano Samples

Peek under the lid of our upright acoustic piano & uncover a sea of 320 rich, jangling, experimental samples for your next session!

Found Percussion Samples

Uncover a treasure trove of shakes, strikes, scrapes & scrunches with this sparkling, characterful set of 340 Found Percussion Samples!

Driven Drum Samples

Harness the sound of vintage drum machines driven through a guitar amp & pedals with 381 ultra-characterful, super-punchy drum samples!
Machine Code

Serum Sequence Presets

Propel your music into vibrant skies with 50 kinetic sequence presets for Serum, built from 40 custom wavetables!
Moon Dance

Serum Ambient Presets

Drift between worlds with 50 hypnotic Ambient presets for Serum, 50 MIDI loops & 9 custom noise samples!

Serum Synthwave Presets

Enter a shadowy world of looming architecture, synthesis & dark dreams with 50 dystopian Synthwave presets for Serum!

Serum Arp Presets

Transform Serum into a virtual vintage synth & explore the cosmos with 50 cascading arps, basses, pads & synth lead presets!
Synthwave Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$98.53 $54.74
Reach into the past & transport 2GB of blistering analog Synths, retro Bass & Drum Machine Loops straight into your next track!
Cinematic Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$101.27 $61.58
Pull back the curtains & pain vibrant sonic scenes in your DAW with 5GB of richly atmospheric Drones,Textures & SFX!
Drones & Textures Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$104.01 $61.58
Prepare your music to weather the tide & drench your tracks in 5GB of smouldering Drones, showering Textures & simmering Noise SFX!
Dance Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$98.53 $54.74
Wade into the deep end of Dance culture with 1.7GB of pounding House beats, Techno synths, Dub bass & beyond!