Minimal Sounds

Explore our collection of Minimal loops and samples to discover pulsing, precision-programmed drum rhythms, undulating sub basslines, deep synth chord stabs and much, much more!
Critical Mass

Massive Drum Hits [Extension]

65 big, aggressive Drum Samples from monumental Kicks to slicing Snares!
Burst SFX

Transition Samples

Set lazers to stun - grab 55 explosive Transition SFX Samples now!
Spectral Surface

Texture Hits [Extension]

An otherworldly collection of 49 evolving, mind-bending Synth Texture Samples!

Massive Pad Loops [Extension]

50 Pad and Chord Progression Loops, from blissful to brooding and beyond!
Vanishing Points

FM8 Minimal Synth Loops [Extension]

50 fizzing and popping Minimal Basses and Synth Chord Progression Loops!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Loops

50 vibrant House Synth Loops, from smooth Bass to silky Sequences and more!
Dark Waves

Deep House Loops

Dive deep into a mysterious, sonorous world of 52 Bass & Synth Loops!
Edge of Orbit

SFX Samples

Lock, load and blast off with 100 powerful and uplifting SFX samples!
Curved Horizon

Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

Feast your ears on 50 beautifully warm, analog-style Synth, Pad and Bass loops!

Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops

Drift amongst the hazy clouds with 50 Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops!
Analog Pad Loops

Mini Pack 0001

Wrap your music in thick clouds of pure analog sound with our first Mini Pack, delivering 50 pad loops dripping with vintage character!
Noise Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0004

50 mesmerising Noise & Granulated Texture Loops await you in this hypnotic Mini Packs release!
Analog Arp Loops

Mini Pack 0008

Unleash the widescreen power & colour of 50 gorgeously analog synth arp loops within your next music production!

Analog Arp Loops

"...Analog Arp Loops is well worth the tiny asking price."
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Minimal Piano Loops

Mini Pack 0009

Flash soft rays of delicate, emotionally charged light over your music with 66 intricate Minimal Piano Loops & Orchestral Textures!
Piano Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0010

Take home 50 shimmering, deeply textured Ambient layers that transform the piano into a vibrant drone generator!
Wind Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0012

Elevate your next soundtrack with 60 ethereal, levitating Woodwind texture loops!
Cassette 808 Drums

Mini Pack 0013

Wash your next booming 808 beat in the retro crunch & hiss of a vintage tape machine with 112 driven, punchy drum samples!
Minimalist Percussion Loops

Mini Pack 0014

Let a pulsing rhythmic tide propel your next track with 60 hypnotically Minimalist Tuned Percussion Loops!
Miniscule Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0016

Peer down the microscope & unlock an entire universe of vivid granular sound with 60 captivating SFX samples!
Monumental Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0017

Unleash a colossal tidal wave of sound on your next track with 1GB of sprawling Ambient drones & textures!

Inspiring Minimal Samples For Your Next Music Production

Minimal Tech samples and synth presets require a painstaking level of detail that we're proud to infuse our sample packs with. From intricate drum loops and subtle percussion to aquatic basslines, reverberant synth chords and more, our sounds contain the depth of focus required to send your beats spinning around the dancefloor and beyond!

Ranging from collections of analog drum samples, dancefloor-ready loop collections, precision-sculpted synth presets, ultra-flexible MIDI files and beyond, the ModeAudio sample and sound library provides your Minimal productions with all the raw material necessary to create deep, layered and cerebral Dance beats!