Ambient Bundle
Distant Echo
Spectral Surface

Pack Contents

  • 439 Loops and Textures (Ambiances, Atmospheres, Pads, Drones, Vignettes, Impacts, Washes, Contours, SFX & More)
  • 43 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats, Percussion & FX)
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Ambient Bundle
Loops & Samples

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WAV [Bundle]
REX2 [Bundle]
Reason Refill [Bundle]
Apple Loops [Bundle]
Ableton Live Pack [Bundle]

Stretch your ears out towards the horizon and listen to the noise and fury of frenzied activity, rendered calm, distant and immutable. Serene, isn’t it? All ambient music is soaked in this chilled sonic perspective, shot through with the beauty of spectral colours merging and blurring when heard from a distance. Our latest combo sample release, ModeAudio - Ambient Bundle, has all the space, feel and atmosphere of these halcyon visions, mixed with flashes of the energy and intensity of noise and ever-changing cinematic spectacle!

Brimming with 450+ technicolour Synth Loops, richly textural Pads, deeply expansive Ambiances, compelling Noise scenes, evolving Atmospheres and soaring, illuminating SFX, this widescreen loop and sample release conjures a wealth of sonic worlds that will spark your musical imagination like no other! From the sweet harmonies of abstract, chord progressions to the chilling perturbations of inharmonic and metallic drones, this audio Bundle pack brings together all the vibrancy and twisting, turning animation of our ambient sample collection into a masterfully selected web of music production possibilities.

As well as the loops and SFX, a potent collection of Drum and Percussion samples is included in the bundle. These carefully edited sounds will allow you to balance out the mood of each synth and texture, with harmonious, fully-synced grooves without you ever needing to step out of the frame of your composition.

Lay the foundations of your most fantastical sonic creations with the gigabytes of virtuosic sound design included in this pack - allow your sound library to become an oracle of inspiration and download ModeAudio - Ambient Bundle now!

The bundle contains the following packs:

Distant Echo - Drones & Textures - our bestselling collection of pro cinematic sound design weighs in with an immense array of Drones and Textures, from the warmth of tonal, additive and contoured layers to the menace of inharmonic, granular and noise-based atmospheres.

Reflect - Ambient Loops - the immersive Synth Loops and vital Drum Samples presented here impart depths of subtlety, intricacy, complexity and feel, conjuring dream-like worlds of mystery and movement for your music!

Hover - Drones & Textures - the powerful constructions on offer here, fashioned from a range of expertly manipulated source material, carve out cavernous spaces in which you could bury a musical cathedral!

Spectral Surface - Texture Hits - the rugged, rough landscape stares back at you as you listen to these meticulously-crafted samples - step inside out of the cold, where an otherworldly collection of meticulously designed Synth Texture samples awaits you!

Aerodynamics - Massive Pad Loops - a blissful, ethereal flight in the sunny skies beyond the birds! Rich with tonal colour, these beautifully designed Pad Loops, rhythmic Textures and Chord Progressions contain a wealth of timbres and textures to get your music airborne.

Format Contents

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  • WAV [Bundle]
  • REX2 [Bundle]
  • Reason Refill [Bundle]
  • Apple Loops [Bundle]
  • Ableton Live Pack [Bundle]

WAV [Bundle] Contents

  • 269 WAV Samples
  • 170 Acid WAV Loops
  • 43 WAV Drum Hits
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REX2 [Bundle] Contents

  • 269 WAV Samples
  • 170 REX2 Loops
  • 43 WAV Drum Hits
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Reason Refill [Bundle] Contents

  • 269 WAV Samples
  • 170 REX2 Loops
  • 43 WAV Drum Samples
  • 36 MIDI Loops

  • 12 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • 12 Combinator Patches
  • 6 Redrum Kits
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Apple Loops [Bundle] Contents

  • 269 WAV Samples
  • 170 Apple Loops
  • 43 AIFF Drum Hits
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Ableton Live Pack [Bundle] Contents

  • 269 WAV Samples
  • 170 Acid WAV Loops
  • 43 WAV Drum Hits
  • 36 MIDI Loops
  • Ableton Live Project file (.alp)*

*Please make sure you've updated to Ableton Live 9 to use this project

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