Curved Horizon
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Pack Contents

  • 15 Pad Loops
  • 10 Bass Loops
  • 10 Classic Synth Loops
  • 5 Chord Loops
  • 5 Lead Synth Loops
  • 5 Pluck Synth Loops
  • 50 MIDI Loops (Bass, Synths & Chords)
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    Curved Horizon
    Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

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    WAV Samples
    REX2 Loops
    Apple Loops

    Crackling, buzzing and hissing, the sounds of analogue synthesisers hold a captivating allure. The very variability caused by degrading components reacting in unpredictable ways means they sound warm, phat and mellow - which is exactly what we coaxed from the FM8 synth in order to bring you Curved Horizon - Synth and Bass Loops!

    An electrifying, beautiful world of silky pads, weighty basses, expansive synth lines, captivating chord progressions and twinkling pluck sounds are contained within. 50 audio loops and 50 associated MIDI loops created using our Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage Presets give you the power of FM8's circuitry coupled with masterful programming.

    With our expert loop formatting these loops are like putty in your hands - stretch them and pitch them at will, with perfect results. We've labelled the loops with key and Bpm information to make the process even smoother.

    Hear both the mesmerising pull of analogue synth sounds and the calling of new worlds in Curved Horizon!

    *This pack is intended for those who do not have FM8 and so cannot use our Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage Presets pack.

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    • WAV Samples
    • REX2 Loops
    • Apple Loops

    WAV Samples Contents

    • 50 Acid WAV Loops
    • 50 MIDI Files

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    REX2 Loops Contents

    • 50 REX2 Loops
    • 50 MIDI Files

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    Apple Loops Contents

    • 50 Apple Loops
    • 50 MIDI Files

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