Massive Vintage Bundle
Dust Road
Fibre Optics
Open Spaces
Orbital SFX

Pack Contents

  • 250 Massive Presets (Synth Leads, Bass, Chords, Pads, Keys, Arps, Gated Synths, SFX & More)
  • 120 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)
  • All 8 Macro Controls assigned for every single Preset

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Massive Vintage Bundle
Synth Presets & MIDI Loops

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Massive [Bundle]
Massive [Bundle]

Unlock entire new dimensions of gorgeous, resonant and warm sound from your Massive synth - listen as those traditionally cold and clinical qualities melt effortlessly away before your very ears, simply by loading up any of the vibrant, evolving presets contained within our ModeAudio Massive Vintage Bundle!

We’ve taken our sweet time poring over Massive’s every detail, listening carefully to its scores of oscillator waveforms, blending its various filter modes, experimenting with each and every effect unit and dialling in every possible modulation routing we could think of to create this bundle set of 250 presets. Swaying filter cut-offs; warbling oscillators; unpredictable feedback signals ; deep, full bass - we’ve taken full advantage of Massive’s versatility and complexity to invoke that lush sound of the analogue era.

Each and every preset comes with all 8 macros assigned (that’s an epic 2,000 macro routings in total!), giving you vital controls to shape the sounds to work perfectly within your music. In addition to the patches, we’ve also packed in 120 MIDI Loops, key-labelled and ready to slot seamlessly into your existing tunes and productions.

The bundle contains the following packs:

Dust Road - Massive Vintage Presets - bent pitches, blended waveforms, blurred filters and blitzed modulation routings; hear the dusty, decayed, constantly-shifting sound of analogue audio come to life with this release, complete with full sound sculpting options for every preset!

Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B Presets - taking cues from the LA Beat Scene and Hip Hop's vinyl-obsessed side, we’ve crafted this set of bass, synth and SFX presets to burst with colour and internal life, ranging from campfire-warm to baked, scorched and totally singed!

Aerodynamics - Massive Pad Presets - welcome the light and the dark into your Massive synth, with synth and pad presets precision-designed for everything from Ambient and blissed-out Techno to Cinematic darkness, brooding Minimal and beyond!

Fibre Optics - Massive Pad & SFX Presets - we've cranked up Massive's oscillators, noise generators and effects units to breaking point to bring you this collection, a grab-bag packed to the brim with sound design goodness and sonic inspiration!

Orbital SFX - Massive Presets - featuring 50 intricately programmed sound effects patches for the mighty Massive, this collection vacuum-seals risers, falls, impacts, explosions, bleeps, sub drops, reverses and more into its star-bound presets capsule!

Category: Bundle Packs
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop

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  • Massive [Bundle]

Massive [Bundle] Contents

  • 250 .nmsv Presets*
  • 120 MIDI Loops
*These presets are compatible with NI Massive v1.3 and above
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