Spectral Surface
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  •  49 Synth Texture Hits
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Spectral Surface
Texture Hits [Extension]

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WAV Samples
WAV Samples

The rugged, rough landscape stares back at you as you bury your face deeper into your scarf - step inside out of the cold, where an otherworldly collection of meticulously designed Synth Texture Hits awaits you. 

Spectral Surfaces - Extension Hits ranges from cold, metallic drones and gritty, spluttering Synth mayhem to murky, sinking Bass and explosive, superheated Texture rushes. This super-sensory Hits collection offers complexity, colour and motion for your productions - just right for cinematic interludes, hazy breakdowns and tripped-out drops.

Included is a diverse range of SFX and textural sonic elements, some recognisably synth-based, others far more obscure. Each hit has a unique, evolving character of its own, playing out over everything from 10 seconds to a minute. Created using our expansive Spectral Surface - Massive Texture Presets collection, this pack allows you to use Massive's unparalleled abilities to create your own musical worlds even if you don't have access to the synth itself.

With everything from broken appliances and stinging rain, to Tesla coils and psychoacoustic phenomena, Spectral Surfaces - Texture Shots has the power to expand your mind.

*This pack is for those who can't enjoy Spectral Surface - Massive Texture Presets because they don't have Massive.

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  • WAV Samples

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  • 49 WAV Synth Texture Hits
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