Found Percussion Samples

Uncover a treasure trove of shakes, strikes, scrapes & scrunches with this sparkling, characterful set of 340 Found Percussion Samples!

Driven Drum Samples

Harness the sound of vintage drum machines driven through a guitar amp & pedals with 381 ultra-characterful, super-punchy drum samples!
Drum Bundle 2

Analog Drum Samples

$96.55 $55.17
Unleash a torrent of analog drum machine punch within your DAW with this colossal choice of 1,618 drum samples!
Loose Breaks

Drum Loops

Break free from the grid & put the rhythm & soul back into your music with 101 organic Dance & Hip Hop drum breaks!

Loose Breaks

"...a creative collection of loose beats that have been exceptionally produced"
- MusicTech


Drum Machine Samples

Take home a crate of 433 genuine, vintage drum machine samples, bursting with retro grit, punch & classic character!

West Coast Electronic Loops

448MB of blazing, bouncing House beats & sleek R&B analog synths to get the party started!


"A powerful sample pack that nails the future R&B sound"
- AskAudio

Sunset Electronica

Guitar Loops & Beats

Invite pure, golden summer into your studio with 157 Guitars, Beats & more!