Raw Material

Found Percussion Samples

A wildly diverse set of 322 snappy Found Percussion Samples & Sampler Kits!
Drum Bundle

Samples & Patches

$69.79 $45.16
900+ Drum Samples & 60+ Kits of sheer power - download and duck for cover!
SFX Bundle

Samples & Textures

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Download 5 sample packs of explosive, mutating SFX & Textures in 1!

Found Percussion Samples

230 expertly-recorded Found Percussion Samples - thumps, clicks, scrapes & more!


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- Computer Music / Music Radar

Power Tools

Drum Samples & Patches

330 crushing Drum Samples and 30 Drum Kit Patches - elevate your drum sound!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!
Hyper Beats

Drum Hits [Extension]

Slam the bang back into your beat with 160 phat Drum Samples and 10 Sampler Kits!