Chroma Drums
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Pack Contents

100 Ultrabeat Presets stored in the following:

  • 5 Drum Kit Banks (in both Multi and Stereo mode versions)
  • 4 Instrument Banks (Kicks, Snares, Hats & Percussion)

  • 24 MIDI Loops (Drum Patterns)

  • 3 Channel Strip Settings (Drum Processing)

  • Template Projects (including Multi and Stereo mode versions)

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Chroma Drums
Ultrabeat Presets

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Logic Ultrabeat
Logic Ultrabeat

Chroma Drums has landed. 'Precision engineered' doesn't even cover it - this Drum Presets pack takes drum programming to a higher place. Peek under the hood and smooth Kicks, silky Snares, slicing Hi Hats and metallic Percussion await your every command, fully modifiable and extendable across the entire range of electronic music.

Assume full control of your drum sound with 100 micro-designed Drum Presets for Logic's Ultrabeat drum machine. On first look Ultrabeat might seem like an over-complicated sequencer but with Chroma Drums loaded into its tank, you'll quickly understand that it can do a whole lot more than sequence!

As full, deep and bass-heavy as it can be light, tight and piercing, Ultrabeat throws up a masterful range of dials and effects to get your beats bouncing. We've pored over every little detail of this Drum Synth and the results are 4 complete banks of Kick, Snare & Clap, Hi Hat & Cymbal, and Percussion sounds for you to slot into your music.

Chroma Drums also comes with 24 MIDI loops covering House, Minimal, Dubstep, Future Garage, Hip Hop and Trap, so you can try out the presets in context instantly. On top of that, we've also bundled 3 drum processing Logic channel strips and a number of template projects to help you hit the ground running.

Delicate and destructive - welcome to the Beauty & the Beast of drum design.

Format Contents

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  • Logic Ultrabeat

Logic Ultrabeat Contents

  • 16 .pst Ultrabeat Banks
  • 3 .cst Channel Strip Settings
  • .logic Template Projects

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