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Serum presets rich with layers of thick, analog-style waveforms, from electric leads that swirl between your speakers to elastic, constantly evolving pads, deep, thundering basses, intricate, textural SFX and far beyond - this is what you'll find in our collection of custom-designed preset banks for this pack-leading soft synth!

We've taken great care to study every intricacy of the stunning Serum synth from Xfer Records, offering unparalleled sound design possibilities in our preset catalogue bestowed with analog-sampled tonality and complex networks of ever-shifting modulation routings. 

Exceptional sonic quality, movement and energy are at the heart of all our sounds crafted within this next-level VST plugin, ripe and ready for bringing into your sessions for subtle tweaking to perfection - with all 4 macro controls assigned for each and every patch, you know that this is only ever but the touch of a dial away!

50 deep, cinematic House & Techno presets for Serum made with custom analog wavetables!
$18.24 $12.77
Wash Your Tracks In Oceans Of Submerged Synths & Bubbling Basses With 50 Serum Presets & 35 Loops!
$18.24 $12.77
Enrich & invigorate your productions with 60 deeply textural Ambient presets for Serum!
$18.24 $12.77
Desert Highway
Claim the musical riches waiting for you at the end of the road with 60 Presets for Serum!
$18.24 $12.77
Sentient Synths
60 deliciously analog-inspired Synth Presets for Xfer Serum - be careful, this release has a mind of its own!
$18.24 $12.77