Mission Statement

ModeAudio aims to deliver audio tools that sound incredible, are available instantly and that will integrate seamlessly with your favourite music software. To cut swiftly to the chase, as music producers and sound designers ourselves we really only care about sound quality and ease of use. To this end, we've packed as much of our musical and technical knowledge into each and every one of our packs as humanly possible - we hope our passion and dedication will be plain to hear and see. If a sound or preset of ours helps to inspire your music, then we'll consider our job done.

To borrow an age-old but genuinely felt cliche, we hope you enjoy using the sounds as much as we did making them!

Pack Info

All of our packs are thoroughly quality assessed before being made available exclusively for download and once you've made a purchase, the sounds are available for your use completely royalty-free. Please see the sections below for further details.

Payment & Security

All our payment processing is handled by Paypal, the internationally trusted and reputable payment provider, or Braintree, a division of Paypal. Known in particular for their incredibly high security standards, more information about Paypal's services can be found on their website (

We do not process any of your credit or debit card information on our own server, although we do store your name and address in order to comply with EU law - all sensitive financial information is dealt with by the ultra-secure systems provided by Paypal and Braintree. This means that none of your card information is processed or stored on our server other than as indicated above.

After proceeding to checkout, you will either be directed to Paypal, where you can pay with your card as a guest user (no account or signup necessary) or login to a pre-existing account, or prompted to fill in Braintree's credit card form. On this form, your billing address is dealt with by our server for the reasons indicated above, but your credit or debit card information is processed by Braintree.

Following this you will be sent to a final confirmation page on our site, with your download links arriving in your inbox shortly thereafter.

For further information about how we handle your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions


Our packs are compatible with just about every type of computer imaginable, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets, mobile phones and beyond. Please check the relevant section for the type of computer you want to use our packs with below for more details.

Installation Instructions

Technical Specifications

Everything available on our site is produced to strict technical criteria that is industry standard or higher. As well as running everything we make through quality control software, we triple check all content to make sure it sounds and looks the way it should.

Technical Resources

Here is some information regarding key concepts in digital audio, to help you to understand how and why we make our samples and loops like we do.