Serum Presets

Our presets for Serum, the soft synth from Xfer Records, are built from scratch to deliver knock-out sounds for your next production, every time! All packs include .fxp Serum presets & MIDI files so you can start experimenting straight after download.

Serum Chill Electronic Presets
$16.73 $8.36
Wash Your Tracks In Oceans Of Submerged Synths & Bubbling Basses With 50 Serum Presets & 35 Loops!
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Serum Ambient Presets
$16.73 $8.36
Enrich & invigorate your productions with 60 deeply textural Ambient presets for Serum!
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Desert Highway
Serum Downtempo Presets
$16.73 $8.36
Claim the musical riches waiting for you at the end of the road with 60 Presets for Serum!
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Desert Highway

"...gorgeously woozy, modulation-heavy...with the analog side of Serum on full show"
- SoundsMag

Sentient Synths
Serum Synthwave Presets
$16.73 $8.36
60 deliciously analog-inspired Synth Presets for Xfer Serum - be careful, this release has a mind of its own!
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Inspiring Serum Presets & MIDI For Your Soft Synth

Serum presets rich with thick, analog-style waveforms, from electricfying Synthwave leads to evolving Ambient pads, thundering basses, intricate SFX and beyond - this is what you'll find in our collection of custom-designed preset banks for this industry-leading VST soft synth!

We've taken great care to study every intricacy of the stunning Serum synth from Xfer Records, offering unparalleled sound design possibilities in our preset catalogue bestowed with analog-sampled tonality and modulation complexity.

Exceptional sonic quality, movement and inspiration are at the heart of all our Serum presets, ripe and ready to be loaded straight into your DAW - with all 4 macro controls assigned for every patch as well, you know that perfection is only but the touch of a dial away!

Serum Presets FAQ

Q: What is Serum?

A: Serum is a software synthesizer plugin, developed and supported by Xfer Records. It makes use of sophisticated digital signal processing technology to allow users to generate and manipulate sounds using a process known as wavetable synthesis on a computer, in real-time. Serum runs as a VST, AU or AAX plugin inside a host application such as Ableton Live, a digital audio workstation, synchronising to the host’s BPM or tempo and triggered by the piano roll or any connected MIDI controller devices.

Q: What is a Serum preset?

A: A Serum preset is a digital file that stores previously configured synth settings, allowing one user to instantly load up a sound that a developer has spent a great deal of time and care in creating. Serum presets are saved as .fxp files, which also stores any custom wavetable information.

Q: How do I download Serum presets?

A: You can download Serum presets right here on ModeAudio! Our presets are all available for use in your music royalty-free, and many of our collections have scored 9/10 and higher from notable music production publications such as Computer Music magazine. Install any presets you've downloaded using our detailed instructions.

Q: What features does Serum have?

A: Serum features 2 main oscillators, plus sub and noise oscillators, which are fed into the synth’s filter and effects sections. Effects include EQ, compression, distortion, chorus, phaser, flanger and reverb. Serum’s main oscillators each reads through a preloaded wavetable or short audio sample, which are selected either from the synth’s internal library or from the user’s own selection of samples. Almost all of Serum’s parameters can be controlled by a host of envelopes and LFOs.

Q: Why is Serum popular?

A: Serum is extremely easy to use and sounds fantastic out-of-the-box - to put it simply, it takes very little time to create a very professional-sounding result. Serum’s stylistic range extends from Ambient subtlety to EDM maximalism, making it an impressively versatile tool for producers working in virtually any musical genre.

Q: Who created Serum?

A: Serum was created by Steve Duda, owner of Xfer Records. Duda is also known for his musical collaborations with deadmau5.

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