Distant Echo
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Pack Contents

  • 25 Inharmonic Drones
  • 22 Tonal Texture Samples
  • 18 Granular Texture Samples
  • 16 Additive Drones
  • 17 Contour Texture Samples
  • 13 Noise Texture Samples
  • 9 Bass Drones
  • 1.44GB (unzipped)


"A smart collection for any musical style requiring complex and emotive sound effects"
"The diversity and range of ideas explored all adds up to a truly wonderful collection"
"A great pack for cinematic productions that require a lot of tension and release"
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Distant Echo
Drones & Textures

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WAV Samples
WAV Samples

You can trace common threads running through genres from Downtempo, Ambient, Chillout and Glitch all the way through to Cinematic, Experimental and beyond - chief amongst them are sonic ambiances and drones. Like a veil cloaking the distant horizon, these elements are fundamental to creating deep, atmospheric netherworlds, just like those we've conjured up for our latest release, Distant Echo - Drones & Textures!

Featuring 120 WAV Samples approaching a minute in length each, the array of sonic textures available in this release ranges from warm, shimmering String Drones, Synth and Choral Textures to icy, jagged and menacing SFX sound beds and dark, metallic Resonances. 

We've pulled out all the stops to bring you the very latest in sound design sorcery - from the chaotic overflow of granulation, the clean, smooth precision of additive synthesis and the unpredictable sound-stretching potential of phase vocoding, to the powerful intrigue of multidimensional spectral transformation and beyond!

Weighing in at a whopping 1.44GB, this royalty-free sample pack contains an epic wealth of musical vistas of strange, wonderful and majestic sonic possibility.

There's such a huge range of musicality and power present in these samples that we reckon you could score an entire movie using just this pack alone! So, what are you waiting for? Download Distant Echo - Drones & Textures today and get experimenting!

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  • WAV Samples

WAV Samples Contents

  • 120 Drone & Texture Samples
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