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Pack Contents

  • 60 Synth Arp Loops
  • 15 Bass Loops
  • 15 Synth Chord Loops
  • 45 Drum Loops (Main grooves, Hi Hats & Percussion)
  • 15 SFX Loops
  • 103 Synth Tail Samples
  • 135 MIDI Files (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
  • 388 Files In Total
  • 525MB (unzipped)
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Analog Arp Loops

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WAV Samples
REX2 Loops
Reason ReFill
Apple Loops
Ableton Live Pack

Soar above a sea of soundwaves as shimmering beds of Arp-driven ambiance glisten and flutter below you - from the sheer weight of resonant bass right up to the flicker of the very highest synth frequencies, the 525MB of sound files included in our latest sound pack release, Glimmer - Analog Arp Loops, will open up brave new worlds inside your music productions!

Presenting a wealth of intricately crafted analog synth and drum machine samples to dive into, the 150 royalty-free music loops included in this collection will deliver complex webs of chiming, kinetic tonality to your next DAW session.

Couched in carefully moulded drum and percussion patterns, underpinned by warm, enveloping bassline loops, sweeping arps and synth chords, and set against a background of ethereal SFX samples, this library contains everything you need to take your tracks on satisfyingly colourful journeys through Ambient, Chillwave, Downtempo and far beyond!

In addition to the loops themselves, we've also packed in 103 synth tail samples, allowing you to bring your selected sounds to a natural finish - simply pair the loop and tail files with the same name onto an audio track, one after the other, to produce a satisfying decay. 

135 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops round out the collection, giving you the ability to try out the musical ideas, melodies and rhythms created for this release with your own synths, presets and sound design.

Sit back, unwind and prepare yourself for a meditative trip to far-flung reaches of the globe - start your journey and download Glimmer - Analog Arp Loops today!

Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples
  • REX2 Loops
  • Reason ReFill
  • Apple Loops
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples Contents

  • 150 Acid WAV Loops
  • 103 Acid WAV Tail Samples
  • 135 MIDI Files
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REX2 Loops Contents

  • 150 REX2 Loops
  • 103 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 135 MIDI Files
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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 150 WAV Loops
  • 150 REX2 Loops
  • 103 WAV Tail Samples
  • 103 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 135 MIDI Files
  • 20 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
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Apple Loops Contents

  • 150 Apple Loops (AIFF)
  • 103 Apple Loops Tail Samples (AIFF)
  • 135 MIDI Files
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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 150 WAV Loops
  • 103 WAV Tail Samples
  • 135 MIDI Files
  • 1 Ableton Live 9 Project*

*Please make sure you've updated to the latest version of Live (9.6+) to use the project file.

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