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Pack Contents

  • 19 Bass Synth & Guitar Loops
  • 15 Electric Guitar Loops
  • 46 Synth & Instrument Loops (Leads, Keys, Arps, Tuned Percussion, Orchestral & more)
  • 44 Drum Loops (Kicks, Tops & Drum Machine Grooves)
  • 31 Percussion Loops (Shaker, Tambourine, Cymbals & Found Sounds)
  • 11 Kick Samples
  • 19 Snare & Clap Samples
  • 19 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
  • 40 Percussion Samples (Tambourines, Shakers, Rims & Cymbals)
  • 55 Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
  • 87 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
  • 386 Files In Total
  • 445MB (unzipped)


"There are ad hoc treasures to be plundered, particularly among the percussion loops"
"A beautiful-sounding set of twinkling arps, guitars & instruments for a variety of genres"
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Electronic Loops & Samples

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WAV Samples
REX2 Loops
Reason ReFill
Ableton Live Pack

Prepare to take your productions on a whirlwind tour round the globe with our latest premium selection of loop, sample and MIDI inspiration - introducing the sumptuously cinematic Outlook - Electronic Loops & Samples, bagged, strapped and checked in with 445MB of royalty-free sounds that combine glisteningly organic percussion and instrumental recordings with rattling drum machine grooves and oceanic analog synth lines!

Pop open this heavyweight trunk of sonic survival tools and you'll find a treasure trove of rich instrumentation and careful sound design. The very centrepiece of this release is a pristine, far-reaching palette of 155 tempo-synchronised music loops, from delicate orchestral melodies and soaring synth leads to thoughtful electric guitar riffs, evocative bass guitar lines, soulful electric piano chords, exotic percussion and intricate drum grooves.

The core concept of this sound pack brings together the delicate sweetness of orchestral and acoustic instrumental playing, with the hypnotic power and depth of analog synths - a heady concoction of sonorous music production fuel that will bring a magisterial edge to any Downtempo, House, Hip Hop, Pop or R&B production you care to try it within!

Alongside the loops are a choice range of 89 drum and percussion samples, captured from a wide pool of sources from analog drum machines right through to found percussion recordings. 

Finishing things off are 87 super-flexible, key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, bursting with shimmering melodies, driving basslines, complex chords and energetic rhythms, and 55 synth and guitar tail samples, which you can use to pair up with our chosen sound from the main loop collection and bring it to a smooth, natural decay in your session.

Pack your bags, fold up your map and open your mind - let Outlook - Electronic Loops & Samples start you on your journey today!

Category: Loops & Samples
Genre: Downtempo, EDM, Pop, R&B, House

Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples
  • REX2 Loops
  • Reason ReFill
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples Contents

  • 155 Acid WAV Loops
  • 55 Acid WAV Tail Samples
  • 89 WAV Drum Samples
  • 87 MIDI Files

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REX2 Loops Contents

  • 155 REX2 Loops
  • 55 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 89 WAV Drum Samples
  • 87 MIDI Files

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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 155 WAV Loops
  • 55 WAV Tail Samples
  • 155 REX2 Loops
  • 155 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 89 WAV Drum Samples
  • 22 Dr. Octo REX Patches
  • 87 MIDI Files

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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 155 WAV Loops
  • 55 WAV Tail Samples
  • 89 WAV Drum Samples
  • 10 Live 9 Projects*
  • 87 MIDI Files

*Please make sure you've updated to the latest version of Live to use these projects.

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