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Pack Contents

  • 6 Bass Sampler Instruments
  • 6 Lead Sampler Instruments
  • 5 Pad Sampler Instruments
  • 4 Synth Sampler Instruments
  • 3 Sub Sampler Instruments
  • 3 Ambiance Sampler Instruments
  • 3 Arp Sampler Instruments
  • 6 Drum Loops (Main Grooves)
  • 6 Hi Hat Loops
  • 6 Percussion Loops
  • 6 SFX Loops
  • 6 Noise Loops
  • 30 MIDI Loops
  • 6 DAW Projects
  • 5 Channel Strips

  • Instruments Based on 360 Samples
  • 405MB (unzipped)


"The instruments successfully achieve a tasteful combination of prettiness, dirt and darkness"
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Ambient Instruments & Loops

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WAV Samples
Reason ReFill
Logic Pack
Ableton Live Pack

The distant sound of droning machines disturbing the cool night air; an enveloping wash of warm synth tones lighting up a corner of an empty room; playful dances of captivating sound and light encircling all around, suddenly fading only to gracefully emerge again - these are sonic scenes conjured by the patches and samples included in our latest release, the sumptuous Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops!

A rich panoply of floating, organic sound awaits you in this deeply textured set of Ambient music production tools. Peer inside and you'll discover 30 flexible, fully playable Sampler Instruments, spanning earth-shaking Subs and Basses, drifting Ambiances, shimmering Pads, classic, analog-style Synths, flickering Arps and spiralling, soaring Lead patches. 

Ready and waiting to be fired up within your favourite DAW, we've built these instruments from 360 carefully designed, processed and layered samples. From location sound recordings and cutting-edge spectral processing to sampling our beloved synth collection, we've made use of a super-wide range of material to craft these nuanced sampler patches, playable across 3 octaves of your MIDI keyboard and piano roll.

Alongside the instruments, we've also created 30 delicately poised Music Loops ranging from subtle Drum patterns, scintillating Hi Hats, kinetic Percussion, textural SFX and depth-defying washes of colourful Noise. 

All the above material comes fully arranged within 6 DAW Projects ready to load up inside your software, making use of 30 additional MIDI Loops to trigger and control the sampler instruments with. As a final bonus, we've also included 5 channel strip presets for each format too, offering you instant processing controls to effortlessly blend and bend the sounds to make them your own.

Take control of the texture, tone and atmosphere in your music and journey through rolling, cinematic soundscapes - download Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops to transport you there!

Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples
  • Reason ReFill
  • Logic Pack
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples Contents

  • 360 WAV Samples*
  • 30 Acid WAV Loops

*Please note this version contains synth samples only and no sampler instruments

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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 30 Combinator Instruments
  • 30 NN-XT Instruments
  • 360 WAV Samples
  • 30 REX2 Loops
  • 30 WAV Loops
  • 6 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • 5 Combinator Insert FX Patches
  • 30 MIDI Loops
  • 6 Song Files

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Logic Pack Contents

  • 30 EXS24 Instruments
  • 30 Acid WAV Loops
  • 6 Project Files
  • 5 Channel Strip Settings
  • 360 WAV Samples

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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 30 Instrument Racks
  • 30 WAV Loops
  • 6 Live Sets
  • 5 Audio Effect Racks*
  • 360 WAV Samples

*Please make sure you've updated to Live 9.6.1 or newer to use these presets

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