"Sophisticated and up-to-date...this sample pack is full of killer loops"

Glide by Soundbytes

Reviewer: Soundbytes
Product: Glide

Glide - Chill Electronic Loops by ModeAudio is a take on the laidback side of electronica, with samples inspired by the likes Claude Chagall, Hideo Kobayashi and more. The material here covers the chill, ambient, downtempo and lounge end of electronic music. It is presented in three folders of drum samples, glide loops and glide tail samples, with a lot of sophisticated and up-to-date samples. 

There are 491 files in total including the 82 MIDI files that were recorded ranging from 80-150 BPMs. Sound-wise, the loops are clean sounding, free of clicks & pops, and recorded very well. Of my favorites, the guitar loops and synth & FX samples are great. The guitar folder has a tasty selection of licks, while the synth and FX folder are very inspirational. 

The drums samples folder on the other hand, in my opinion is the star here. There are a total of 74 files of kicks, hats, snares, toms and an assortment of one-shot noise. If you’re after some great synthesizers and drum samples, this sample pack is full of killer loops – no filler. This is the new cool of electronica sample pack!

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