Reason ReFill

How to install your Reason ReFills:

1. If you haven't already done so, unzip your downloaded file. Move the contained ReFill (.rfl) file to wherever you keep your samples on your hard drive - we recommend this step to make it easy to find your audio files at a later time, as well as to keep things organised.

2. Open your Reason app - a ReFill file is essentially a special zip file that can only be read and opened by Reason itself, so you can only access its contents from within the Reason software.

3. For Loops and Samples: select 'Import Audio File' from the 'File' menu, and navigate to where you moved your ReFill to. If you like, you can make a shortcut to the ReFill in Reason's browser - do this by clicking and dragging the pack folder to the sidebar on the left. In newer versions of Reason, you can simply drag and drop audio files from the browser also.

4. For Hits and Patches: load up a new instance of Kong / Redrum / NN-XT / Combinator, depending on which preset files your ReFill contains. Click on the 'browse patch' button (folder icon) within the device's interface and navigate to your ReFill using the browser to select from the available presets.

5. For MIDI Files: select 'Import MIDI File' from Reason's 'File' menu, or drag and drop by navigating to your ReFill from the browser.

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