Creating Endless Loop Variations In Ableton Live

Video Tutorials

We're delighted to welcome back the prodigious production talents of the one and only Flying Soulo to the pages of this magazine, who drops his latest guest video tutorial for all you Ableton Live users out there to sink your eager teeth into!

This time around, our man in the production field dives into a brilliantly flexible but oft-overlooked section of Ableton Live's MIDI functionality, its clip launch controls. By selecting a group of related MIDI clips, such as drum patterns, and manipulating the clip launch facilities in just the right way, it's possible to create an endless sequence of variations blending portions of the clips together to form brand new patterns.

As usual, it's fantastically easy and straight-forward to achieve and will work wonders in keeping your beats fresh and captivating - over to you, Flying Soulo: