Burst SFX
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Pack Contents

  • 11 Explosion Presets
  • 11 Fall Presets
  • 6 Impact Presets
  • 6 Acceleration Presets
  • 6 Bleep Presets
  • 5 Reverse Presets
  • 5 Riser Presets
  • 5 Sub Drop Presets

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Burst SFX
Thor & Combinator Presets

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Reason ReFill
Reason ReFill

Tearing jets of noxious, vaporising chemicals; spewing fragments of gigantic, red-hot molten rock; chaotic, complex atmospheres forming and disintegrating within seconds; these are the sounds you will find in our latest interplanetary release, Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator Presets!

This collection of precision-designed sound patches for Reason brings you 40 Thor presets and 15 Combinator patches, taking both instruments to their limits and offering a wealth of otherworldly sound design inspiration. Included in the library are huge explosions, splintering impacts, endless falls, meteoric risers, deep sub drops, shivering reverses and alarming bleeps - to put it simply, devastating and intricate sound effects of all shapes and sizes!

Every one of the available macro knobs and buttons have been thoughtfully assigned within Thor and Combinator, giving you access to numerous musically useful parameters to fit each sound perfectly into your productions. Velocity-sensitive envelopes and every type of modulation possible within Reason have been pressed into service to launch your music deep into outer space.

Strap in tight, brace yourself and then let it rip - Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator Presets is rocketing towards you!

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  • Reason ReFill

Reason ReFill Contents

  • Refill format
  • 40 Thor presets (.thor)
  • 15 Combinator patches (.cmb)

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