Critical Mass
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Pack Contents

  • 30 Kick Hits
  • 25 Snare Hits
  • 5 Hi Hat Hits
  • 5 Cymbal Hits
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Critical Mass
Massive Drum Hits [Extension]

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WAV Samples
WAV Samples

Big beats are back on the menu - give your music some serious bite with this Drum Hits pack, designed for instant gratification and maximum efficiency. There are no trimmings included but the main course is as dense and rich as a triple chocolate cake, so you won't go home hungry!

Get the groove right with Critical Mass - Extension Hits, created from our bombastic Critical Mass - Massive Drum Presets pack. This is intended for those without the monstrous Massive synth and so can't take advantage of our presets series. Have no fear though - we've tweaked the attacks and adjusted the compression for you so you can enjoy Massive's intense sound without touching the synth itself.

Including Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats and Cymbals, this pack locks down a range of sonic flavours from the crunchy and thick, through the big and brutal, to the smooth and delicate. Everything from Dubstep and Drum & Bass to Hip Hop and Trap will be well served by Critical Mass - Extension Hits, so prepare to bulk up your beats now.

*This pack is for those who can't enjoy Critical Mass - Massive Drum Presets because they don't have Massive.

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  • WAV Samples

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  • 65 WAV Drum Hits

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