Edge of Noise
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Pack Contents

  • 16 Drone Presets
  • 15 Hit Presets
  • 8 Gesture Prsets
  • 7 Bed/Soundscape Presets
  • 4 Sub Presets

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Edge of Noise
FM8 SFX Presets

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Introducing Edge of Noise - FM8 SFX Presets: a bursting, shrieking explosion of a preset pack capable of livening up any production! Containing 50 handcrafted presets for Native Instruments' FM8 synth, this release pushes FM synthesis to disorienting new heights of sound design madness! Incorporating a wealth of SFX flavours from complex, disintegrating hits and shuddering bass impacts, to creepy, dense drones and spitting, fraying soundscapes, this pack is the spark that will reawaken FM8's ferocious audio engine.

We've made full use of FM8's matrix to unleash the unbridled sonic chaos within. Whether you're looking for sound effects to use in transitions, crazed rhythmic hits simply to spice things up or for explorations outside of electronic music entirely, you'll find what you need insideĀ Edge of Noise. From the dark, mysterious depths of the sub frequency range right the way up to the sparkling, scintillating fireworks of the high range, we've got your synth covered.

Hours of careful tweaking and tinkering have gone into bringing you this fresh preset collection and we've programmed in as much flexibility as possible. So, hold down the hits and suddenly strange drones emerge; tap the soundscapes and unusual impacts are at your command. In other words, this pack gives you the freedom to experiment.

Give Edge of Noise - FM8 SFX Presets a spin and let it take your music out of this world!

Format Contents

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  • FM8

FM8 Contents

  • 50 .nfm8 Presets*

*Please make sure you have updated your version of FM8 to 1.01 or newer to use this pack.

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