Found Percussion Bundle
Drum Collider

Pack Contents

  • 750 Found Percussion & Drum Samples
  • 38 Percussion Kit Sampler Patches
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 11 Channel Strips (Drum Processing)


  • Wood Percussion Samples
  • Plastic Percussion Samples
  • Metal Percussion Samples
  • Glass Percussion Samples
  • Rim Shot Samples
  • Clap Samples
  • Mixed Percussion Samples
  • Abstract Percussion Samples
  • Household Percussion Samples
  • Kick Samples
  • Snare Samples
  • Hi Hat Samples
  • SFX Samples

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Found Percussion Bundle
Samples & Patches

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Native Instruments [Bundle]
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How do you make your tracks stand out from the crowd? By using weird and wonderful percussion sounds of course! Producers working in genres as diverse as Deep House, Ambient, Trap and beyond place a special importance on their percussion, in many cases to the point where they come to be heard as the signature sounds of these musicians. Loading up your library with quality, diverse and unusual percussion will take you a long way towards crafting unique and fresh beats and we’re delighted to bring you the perfect collection to start your process with - ModeAudio Found Percussion Bundle!

This mammoth library of 750 Percussion Samples takes in an exhaustive wealth of sound sources, from blocks of firewood, buckets of ice, plastic tubs, chunky glass bottles, spray cans and bulging sets of keys to clothing, coins, canvas chairs, zippers, tin cans, lighters, metal tongs, scissors, cardboard tube lids, bike helmets and so very much more!

Each and every sound has been carefully recorded in dry studio conditions and then expertly processed to produce punchy, snappy, ready-to-use samples that are simply bursting with raw percussive might! Included alongside the WAV samples, the bundle also delivers 38 Percussion Kit Sampler Patches for a host of the finest soft samplers available. Pre-mixed, panned and choke-assigned, these kits give you instant, production-ready access to the percussion sounds and will have you making intricate new beats in moments.

From the everyday to the utterly abstract, this bundle collection of found Percussion Samples & Drum Kits will drop layer after layer of organic percussive momentum on top of your music. Unleash the hidden rhythms of extra-musical objects - download ModeAudio Found Percussion Bundle now!

The bundle contains the following packs:

Undercover - Found Percussion Samples - we scoured homes and high streets to build up a stockpile of strange and unusual objects to hit, tap, scrape, rub, brush, break and otherwise generate weird and wonderful percussion samples with. The result is 230 vibrant and dynamically different percussion samples, from the wooden, metallic and plastic to the gaseous, watery and beyond!

Klang - Found Percussion Hits - did your ever consider that the chair you're sitting on could become a musical instrument? Or a paper bag? Drinks can? Bike Helmet? Shoe sole? Your doorstop?! Well they are now…this pack comprises 150 ingenious percussion samples, from deep, rounded thumps, swift scrapes and bright rasps to every colour of knock, tap, click and flick imaginable!

Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples - for this release, we put together a collection of delicate found percussion samples and then mangled, scrambled and stretched them into 210 beautiful, complex new forms. Whilst handfuls of the sounds in this collection are instantly recognisable as subtle hi hats or deep kicks, you'd never believe some of these sounds came from the real world!

Drum Collider - Drum Hits - get ready for a trip into a dark and fiery world of drums and percussion. Bringing you 160 drum and abstract percussion hits made using Reason's Kong drum synth, this release packs a punch brimming with electronic weight, big bass and imaginative sound design.

Format Contents

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  • WAV [Bundle]
  • Reason Refill [Bundle]
  • Native Instruments [Bundle]
  • Logic Pack [Bundle]
  • FL Studio Pack [Bundle]
  • Ableton Live Pack [Bundle]

WAV [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops

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Reason Refill [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 38 Kong Kits
  • 8 NN-XT Patches
  • 8 Redrum Kits
  • 11 Combinator Presets
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Native Instruments [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 18 Maschine Kits (.mxgrp)
  • 18 Kontakt Patches (.nki)
  • 8 Battery Kits (.kt3)

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Logic Pack [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 38 EXS24 Patches
  • 18 Ultrabeat Kits
  • 11 Channel Strip Settings
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FL Studio Pack [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 18 DirectWave Kits
  • 4 Mixer Settings

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Ableton Live Pack [Bundle] Contents

  • 750 WAV Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 40 MIDI Loops
  • 38 Drum Racks
  • 8 Impulse Patches
  • 11 Audio Effect Racks*

* All Ableton patches are compatible with Live 9 and above.

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