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Pack Contents

  • 30 Mixed Objects Samples (layered kicks, claps and hi hats)
  • 23 Kicks & Thuds Samples (boxes, bubblewrap, tubs & more)
  • 63 Metal Samples (keys, lighters, screws, tongs & more)
  • 29 Plastic Samples (containers, calculators, cases & more)
  • 27 Other Objects Samples (paper, velcro, zips, mugs & more)
  • 19 Wood Samples (sticks, woodblocks & more)
  • 16 Glass Samples
  • 12 Snaps Samples (scissors, ice & more)
  • 11 Lids Samples
  • 10 Found Percussion Sampler Patches


"A perfect tool for sound design...the variety of sounds lets you perfect that 'human' groove"
"Sonically pleasing and familiar, these sounds are both a delight to use and wildly flexible"
"The samples really lend themselves to that tight organic rhythm common to multiple musical styles"
"A lot of effort's clearly been put into this pack and the price is right"
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Found Percussion Samples

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WAV Samples (96kHz)
WAV Samples
Reason ReFill
Logic Pack
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Ableton Live Pack

Music can be made with almost anything - as soon as you realise this, your entire home can become an extended musical instrument. Top electronic producers have been using interesting and unusual sources for percussion and drum sounds for decades and now you can too - take a peep inside Undercover - Found Percussion Samples and you'll discover treasure chests full of this sonic gold!

We scoured our homes and high streets to build up a stockpile of strange and unusual objects and materials to hit, tap, scrape, rub, brush, break and otherwise generate weird and wonderful sounds with!

From firewood and metal tongs to keys, coffee pots, paper baskets (with the paper inside), lighters, glasses and ice, to bottle lids (plus the bottles themselves), beads, velcro, zips, spray cans, canvas chairs, scissors, shears and oh so much more, this release shares a multitude of expertly recorded and processed sounds to add more than several extra layers of spice to your drum tracks.

As as well as the source material, we've also professionally blended handfuls of these intricate sounds together to create 30 layered kicks, claps and hi hats - we promise you won't have heard sounds quite like them before!

For the first time ever at ModeAudio, you can also pick this release up in the pristine 96kHz sample rate version it was all recorded at, so couple that with 10 customised drum kit sampler patches (for Ableton Live, Reason, Logic & FL Studio) and you can see why you need Undercover - Found Percussion Samples in your library now!

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  • WAV Samples (96kHz)
  • WAV Samples
  • Reason ReFill
  • Logic Pack
  • FL Studio Pack
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples (96kHz) Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples (96kHz sample rate)*
*If you're unsure about what this means, please select the normal 'WAV' version of the pack

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WAV Samples Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples

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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples
  • 10 Kong Kits
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Logic Pack Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples
  • 10 EXS24 Sampler Patches
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FL Studio Pack Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples
  • 10 DirectWave Sampler Patches
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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 230 Found Percussion Samples
  • 10 Drum Racks

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