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Pack Contents

  • 70 Kick Samples (long and short)
  • 50 Snare Samples
  • 30 Clap Samples
  • 60 Hi Hat Samples (open, mid-open and closed)
  • 40 Percussion Samples (toms, rims, shakers and more)
  • 80 Tuned Kicks
  • 10 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
  • 20 Tuned Kick Sampler Patches
  • 5 Channel Strips (drum processing)


"Power Tools does a great job of focusing on heavy drum sounds which are loud and super aggressive"
"The ModeAudio crew gets it - these drums have some serious impact!"
"This pack is a great tool not only for beginners but also those in search of useable drum kits"
"These impactful drum hits will easily find a home in most modern EDM styles"
"This is one of the most valuable kits for EDM on the market"
"The beats are great and the kits nicely varied - mostly electronic and all powerful"

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Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples (compatible with all major DAWs/software)

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples

  • Reason ReFill

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples
    • 10 Kong Kits
    • 20 NN-XT Patches
    • 5 Combinator Presets

  • Maschine

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples

    • 10 Maschine Kits
  • Logic Pack

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples
    • 30 EXS24 Patches
    • 5 Channel Strip Settings
    • Logic Project File

  • FL Studio Pack

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples
    • 30 DirectWave Patches (+ 2 DirectWave Banks)
    • 5 Mixer Settings
  • Ableton Live Pack

    • 330 WAV Drum Samples
    • 30 Drum Racks
    • 5 Audio Effect Racks
    • Ableton Project Session*

    *Please make sure you have updated your version of Ableton Live to 9.1.3 or later to use the presets in this pack.


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