Ableton Live Pack

*Please update your Ableton Live software to the most recent version to ensure compatibility with our presets. You can use the loops and samples in any version of Live however.

How to install your Ableton Live Packs:

1. If you haven't already, unzip your downloaded file. Move your Live pack to wherever you keep your samples - we recommend this step to make it easy to find your audio files at a later time, as well as to keep things organised.

2. Open up Ableton Live, either by clicking on your app icon, or by opening up any included projects files (.als) from within your downloaded Live pack.

3. Navigate to your downloaded pack using Live's browser on the lefthand-side, where you can select from the available loops, samples and presets by dragging and dropping onto empty tracks in the session view. Music loops should be dropped on to available audio tracks and any MIDI or presets, such as Drum Racks, should be dropped onto MIDI tracks. Audio Effect Racks can be used on either type of track.

4. If you want to create a shortcut to your pack to make it quicker to find in the future, select 'Add Folder' underneath 'Places' in the browser and navigate to where you moved it to on your hard drive.

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