Dream Patterns
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Pack Contents

  • 20 Synth Bass Loops
  • 10 Synth Chord Loops
  • 10 Synth Pad Loops
  • 5 Synth Lead Loops
  • 5 Sequence Loops
  • 45 MIDI Loops (Bass, Chords, Pads, Leads)

Dream Patterns
Thor House Loops

Category: Loops & Samples
Genre: EDM, Minimal, House, Downtempo

Gliding down from the skies to warm the dancefloor with its infection groove, the chilled out end of the House spectrum packs as much bass kick as it does synth serenity.

Dream Patterns brings you 50 minutely-crafted synth loops, covering a wide range of House sounds from blissful Chillout to more upbeat, dancefloor-ready styles. Packed with warm Bass, twinkling Sequences, vibrant Leads, airy Pads and momentous Chords, this loop pack will bounce your tracks all the way to the club and back.

Made using Reason's Thor 'polysonic' synthesiser, Dream Patterns takes full advantage of the synth's dazzling array of synthesis techniques. With a focus on clarity, smoothness and sparkle, the loops cover tempos from 112 - 132 BPM. A variety of key signatures are also covered, rendering this pack versatile enough to meet your needs no matter what kind of House you're going for. There is even enough musical scope for those making EDM, Electro and Techno to make full use of these sounds.

As well as the audio, 45 MIDI loops are included so if you like the melody and rhythm, you can match and thicken the loops up with your own synth patches.

Close your eyes and drift off into the stratosphere - let Dream Patterns breathe some life into your productions!

*This pack is intended for those who do not have Reason and so cannot use our Dream Patterns - Thor House Presets  pack.

Select Your Format  
Apple Loops

Format Contents

  • WAV
  • REX2
  • Apple Loops

WAV Contents

  • 50 Synth Loops (Acid WAV format)
  • 45 MIDI Loops

REX2 Contents

  • 50 Synth Loops (REX2 format)
  • 45 MIDI Loops

Apple Loops Contents

  • 50 Synth Loops (Apple Loops AIFF format)
  • 45 MIDI Loops

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