FL Studio Packs

FL Studio is one of the most popular DAWs out there and for good reason, which is precisely why all our loops and samples are ready and waiting to be thrown straight into your next Fruity mix. Lock and load!
Astral Phase

Synthwave Loops

Detonate a supernova of electric sound in your DAW with 481MB of blistering Synthwave loops & samples!
Grit & Groove

LoFi Hip Hop Loops

Hit play & plunge back into a nostalgic world of tape & vintage gear with 202 LoFi Hip Hop loops & samples!

Downtempo Piano Loops

Propel your music amidst the rippling clouds with 491MB of ethereal pianos, flickering ambiences & organic rhythms!


"A fantastic pack of beautiful, evocative piano riffs & ambiences packed with emotion"
- MusicTech Mag


Dark Cinematic Loops

$24.74 $21.99
Creep out your next track with 648MB of spooky synths, monstrous bass & ghostly Ambient textures!

Driven Drum Samples

Harness the sound of vintage drum machines driven through a guitar amp & pedals with 381 ultra-characterful, super-punchy drum samples!


"super-saturated kicks, snares, claps...it all comes together beautifully"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Ambient Samples & Textures

$27.49 $24.74
Drift through an expanse of shimmering light with 2.2GB of Ambient drones, textures & blissful basses!

Sci-Fi Cinematic Loops

Shroud your soundtrack in dystopian mystery with 632MB of shadowy synth ambiences, Sci-Fi textures & pulsating drums!


"An exceptionally well-produced pack of detailed, moody sci-fi music loops & textures"
- MusicTech


Industrial Ambient Loops

Run a smoky, mesmeric gauntlet of 255 dystopian drones, Industrial beats & Ambient textures within your next track!

Dub Techno Loops

Voyage to the submerged heart of Dub Techno with 178 delay-drenched synth loops, bass & thudding beats!
Downtempo Bundle 3

Loops & Samples

$98.96 $54.98
Drift through a haze of sun-soaked guitars, synths & beats with this vast collection of Downtempo loops & samples!
Drum Bundle 2

Analog Drum Samples

$96.22 $54.98
Unleash a torrent of analog drum machine punch within your DAW with this colossal choice of 1,618 drum samples!

Ambient Drones & Samples

Submerge your music in a dark, 1.88GB tide of swirling, deeply textured Ambient samples, SFX textures & drones!


"...this pack will set your arrangements adrift into a wide open sea of possibility"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Ambient Techno Loops

$24.74 $20.62
Cloak thumping Techno beats & pulsating bass in layers of rustling Ambient texture with this set of 200 hallucinatory music loops!
Loose Breaks

Drum Loops

Break free from the grid & put the rhythm & soul back into your music with 101 organic Dance & Hip Hop drum breaks!

Orchestral Texture Loops

Bask in the sonic glory of the orchestra with 200 illuminating Ambient drones, granular textures & sub bass!

Cinematic Drones & Textures

Send your soundtrack to the stars with this 1.1GB collection of swirling Ambient drones & smouldering Cinematic textures!

Ambient Loops & Rhythms

Build layers of deeply atmospheric texture & tone like the Music of the Spheres with 583MB of Ambient drones, synths & rhythms!

Dark Cinematic Samples

Spill an ocean of deep sonic atmosphere & tension over your next soundtrack with 1.22GB of dark Cinematic samples & textures!

Drum Machine Samples

Take home a crate of 433 genuine, vintage drum machine samples, bursting with retro grit, punch & classic character!
Cinematic Bundle

Loops & Samples

$123.71 $68.73
Pour a 3GB ocean of deep, swirling texture & submerged Ambient rhythm over your next track!

Inspiring FL Studio Packs For Your Next Beat

FL Studio is one seriously capable piece of music production software, so we stop at nothing to ensure our FL Studio packs are at the very top of their game. We cram them with armfuls of WAV samplesREX loopsMIDI, DirectWave patches and Mixer Settings, offering you entire arsenals of Fruity Loops tools to choose from!

Being one of the best-loved DAWs in the world, we make sure all our loop and sample packs are optimised specifically for use within FL Studio. This means you can drop our loops into the software and they'll seamlessly sync to your project's master tempo, as well as choose from a selection of ready-made kits to get beatmaking straight after download.

Whether you're producing SynthwaveR&BAmbient or anything else under the sun, our FL Studio sample catalogue has the drum, percussion, synth, bass and SFX packs to take your music to the next level!