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Pack Contents

  • 36 Drum Loops (Main Grooves, Hats & Top Loops)
  • 20 Bassline Loops
  • 51 Synth Loops (Leads, Chords & Keys)
  • 19 Pad & Arp Loops
  • 14 Percussion Loops
  • 14 Kick Samples
  • 16 Clap & Snare Samples
  • 17 Hi Hat Samples
  • 22 Percussion Samples (Cymbals, Shakers & Toms)
  • 70 Synth Tail Samples
  • 106 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
  • 385 Audio Files in Total
  • 460MB (unzipped)


"The retro feel is utterly convincing...and the low price makes it well worth checking out"
"It’s a lot of fun to play around with and one of the best, analog-sounding 1980s packs out there"
"A very interesting pack and a good source of inspiration for any modern music maker"
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Retrowave Loops

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WAV Samples
REX2 Loops
Reason ReFill
Ableton Live Pack

A dark highway stretches out before you, two parallel lines of electric blue disappearing into an immense shadow cast by the city that is your destination, its neon skyline leaping up towards the glow of a melting sun - we've refuelled your vehicle, so all that's left to do is slide across the hood, strap in and race through the stunning 80s soundscapes presented in our latest epic sample release, Multiverse - Retrowave Loops!

With 140 key and tempo-labelled music loops at its smouldering core, this sound library will take your music on a wild ride through a fluorescent synth apocalypse. Featuring wave after wave of pure analog synth nostalgia towering above classic, driving drum machine grooves, this lovingly-crafted collection of soundtrack-inspired Synthwave will transform your DAW into a slick, supersonic time machine!

From analog bass loops as wide as the horizon to dripping synth leads and oceanic pads pounding down on rock-solid drum patterns, to glittering arp loops, pouncing percussion and razor-edged SFX, this collection contains all you need to build towering, 80s-certified productions the instant after download.

Alongside the loops are 69 thundering drum samples, combining vintage drum machines with modern processing for unprecedented punch and retro vibe. Also included are 70 synth tail samples for bringing your selected loop to a smooth, natural decay and 106 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops for experimentation with your own synths and sounds.

Conquer the grid, sail beyond the stars and become lord of all sonic universes at once - download Multiverse - Retrowave Loops now!

Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples
  • REX2 Loops
  • Reason ReFill
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples Contents

  • 140 Acid WAV Loops
  • 70 Acid WAV Tail Samples
  • 69 WAV Drum Samples
  • 106 MIDI Files

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REX2 Loops Contents

  • 140 REX2 Loops
  • 70 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 69 WAV Drum Samples
  • 106 MIDI Files

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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 140 REX2 Loops
  • 140 WAV Loops
  • 70 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 70 WAV Tail Samples
  • 69 WAV Drum Samples
  • 20 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • 106 MIDI Files

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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 140 WAV Loops
  • 70 WAV Tail Samples
  • 69 WAV Drum Samples
  • 14 Ableton Live 9 Projects*
  • 106 MIDI Files
*Please make sure you've updated to the latest version of Live to use these projects

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