Surface Tension
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Pack Contents

  • 22 Synth Texture Presets
  • 12 Drone Presets
  • 12 Synth Chord Presets
  • 12 Pad Presets
  • 12 Sub Bass Presets
  • 20 Drone Samples (14 - 22 Seconds in Length)
  • 24 MIDI Loops (Key Labelled)

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Surface Tension
Massive Drone Presets

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Welcome to a captivating, strange and intricate world of sound, where shockwaves pulse so deep they work rocks loose from cliffs, vistas of harmonics splutter then vaporise before you and a distant, echoing signal seems to be getting closer and closer all the've just uncovered the ultra-rich synth textures of Surface Tension - Massive Drone Presets!

A finely-crafted set of 70 exquisitely detailed NI Massive Presets, this release will bring expansive textures, evolving tone combinations and layers of electric FX design straight into the heart of your music. Use this patch library as a vibrant palette of ambient and textural colour, to be delicately dabbed in droplets or thrown in thick, inky splashes all over your productions!

Including drifting, haunting Drone Presets, quaking Sub Basses, dazzling Synth Chords and shimmering, lofty Pads as well as intricate, vivid and dynamic Synth Textures, every preset in this royalty-free collection has been tweaked to perfection. 

Each Massive patch also features a full set of 8 macro controls, which you can use to draw out every dramatic sonic detail wether you're adding Ambient depth to Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, or creating rich, evocative sound design for video and game soundtracking.

An additional 24 MIDI Loops, key-labelled and including chord progressions and melodic motifs, plus 20 rich, evolving WAV Drone Samples of between 14 and 22 seconds in length complete the collection, giving you a range of tools to sculpt and shape high definition atmospheres and backgrounds in seconds.

Bring a whole new atmospheric edge to your sound - download Surface Tension - Massive Drone Presets today!

Category: Synth Presets
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal, R&B

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  • Massive

Massive Contents

  • 70 .nmsv Presets*
  • 20 WAV Drone Samples
  • 24 MIDI Files
*Please make sure you've updated to NI Massive v1.3.1 or newer to use these presets

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