Sound Effects

Dive into our collection of cinematic sound effects below & you'll discover momentous sweeps, explosive impacts & intricate found percussion samples sitting alongside atmospheric noise layers, evolving synth textures & beyond!
Analog Snap

Percussion Samples

251 deep, smoky Analog Percussion Samples - bring the noise to your music!

Massive Synthwave Presets

50 retro, analog-style Synthwave Presets for Massive - let's go back to the future!
House Generator

Ableton Live Racks

1.61GB of Ableton Live Racks & Samples - an entire mountain-range of House vibe!

House Generator

"Solid Bass and Chord patches, along with some killer drum samples"
- AskAudio Mag

Downtempo Bundle

Loops & Samples

$86.68 $55.03
600+ dreamy Downtempo Loops & Samples to kick-start a deep production trip!
Distant Echo

Drones & Textures

An epic collection of 120 warm drones, deep resonances & spiky textures!

Distant Echo

"A great pack for cinematic productions that require a lot of tension and release"
- Audio News Room

Airburst SFX

Massive Presets

50 ferocious SFX & Texture Presets for Massive that will take your breath away!

Hip Hop Loops & Samples

Lose your head in deliriously smoky Hip Hop rhythm - 165 Samples & more!


"A premium collection of loops...the drums are seriously top notch"
- Bedroom Producers Blog


Ambient Loops

120 beautiful Ambient Loops & 43 Drum Samples to take your tunes on a journey...
Magnetic Pulse

Massive Tech House Presets

Dig deep into the Tech House vibe with 50 Bass & Synth Presets for Massive!
Drum Bundle

Samples & Patches

$70.17 $45.40
900+ Drum Samples & 60+ Kits of sheer power - download and duck for cover!
SFX Bundle

Samples & Textures

$70.17 $41.27
Download 5 sample packs of explosive, mutating SFX & Textures in 1!

Massive Chillwave Presets

Infuse your sound with a warm, Chillwave breeze - 50 Synth Presets for Massive!


"We highly recommend this pack for its overall chillout mood, following a theme without compromise"
- Sampleria


Drum & Percussion Samples

Slam 210 expertly-warped Drum & Percussion samples into your DAW!
Massive Genre Bundle

Synth Presets & MIDI Loops

$89.43 $52.28
5 Ultra-Flexible NI Massive Preset Packs in 1 - from Deep House to Trap & More!
Massive Vintage Bundle

Synth Presets & MIDI Loops

$89.43 $52.28
5 sets of warm, resonant Bass, Synth & SFX Presets for NI Massive in 1!
Dance Bundle

Loops & Samples

$88.05 $52.28
4 blistering, dancefloor-ready Loops & Samples packs in 1!
Diamond Web

Deep House Loops

Spin rich layers of deep, warm sound with 120 Deep House Loops & Much More!
Open Spaces

Massive Vintage R&B Presets

Light the vibrant, analog fire within Massive with 50 Synth & Bass Presets!
Golden Temple

Massive Hip Hop Presets

The glittering future of Hip Hop has arrived with these 50 cybernetic Presets!

Techno Loops

Breath deep and get swept away with 120 heady and grooving Techno Loops!

Sweeping SFX Samples To Elevate Your Next Track

Sound effects are in our DNA here at ModeAudio! We love them so much that we specialise in making two different kinds - royalty-free SFX samples such as epic risers, whooshes, soaring sweeps and deep explosions, as well as flexible sound FX synth presets, from ambient synth textures to drones, sub drops and beyond.

All our sound effects packs will take your music outside of the box, building layers of momentum and tension into your productions, soundtracks and DJ sets. From vintage analog synth sweeps to cutting-edge noise FX drones, these samples and SFX synth presets will push your sound to the very edge and back.

Whether it's premium stock sound effects or crafted, customised audio FX libraries you are after, look no further than the ModeAudio collection!

Sound Effects FAQ

Q: What is a sound effect?

A: A sound effect is an audio file or synthesizer preset that contains or produces a sound not typically considered to be musical. For example, in the break or drop section of a typical EDM production, you might hear a noisy, booming sound mimicking the sound of an explosion - this explosive noise is a sound effect.

Q: Are there different types of sound effect?

A: There are a number of different types of sound effects and whilst there's no standard method to group them all, at ModeAudio we typically categorise them like this: transition effects such as risers, sweeps and explosion FX that you might hear in an EDM drop, noise or ambient layers that you might hear in an Ambient track and found percussion samples or foley, which you might hear in a film soundtrack.

Q: Where are sound effects typically used?

A: As we've covered above, you'll hear sound effects in the majority of EDM and Dance productions, though transition effects are employed in almost every electronic music genre. As well as film soundtracks, found sounds are often heard in Ambient music, but more adventurous and experimental producers often use them in their drum beats and rhythms, for example in Hip Hop.

Q: How are sound effects created?

A: Transition effects and synth textures are usually created using synthesizers, noise generators and effects such as reverb and distortion. Found sounds must be recorded using microphones and field recorders, though they can then be edited and manipulated using software to modify and shape them into new sonic forms.