Sylenth1 Presets

Supercharge your Sylenth1 soft synth and take full advantage of every filter, effect and modulation feature with our choice of stunning synth leads, chords, basses, SFX and beyond!

Downtempo Synlenth1 Presets

75 blissful, immersive presets for Sylenth1 to warm up even the frostiest Chillout track!
Deep Instinct

Sylenth1 House Presets

Take a trip from burnt-out House to euphoric Mainroom with 60 Sylenth1 Presets!

Sylenth1 Ambient Presets

50 richly detailed, expansive and saturated Ambient presets for Sylenth1!

Soaring Sylenth1 Presets & MIDI For Your Soft Synth

Every one of the stunning Sylenth1 presets in our library takes full advantage of all features of LennarDigital's revolutionary software synth VST. Putting its celebrated analog modelling capabilities to extensive use, you'll find each of the packs below bursts with classic character and sparkles with streams of movement and energy!

From expansive, driven Deep House chord presets to thick, powerful Techno basses, taking in gentle Ambient pads and soaring EDM synth leads along the way, our Sylenth1 .fxb sound banks deliver full sets of inspirational synth production tools, filling out the low end to the very top of your mix with analog-era warmth and style.

Treat your productions to a fresh set of musical ideas, harking back to the glory days of vintage synths whilst also looking forward to the exciting future of boundless digital synthesis - download a ModeAudio Sylenth1 preset pack and get started today!