Urban Middle East
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Pack Contents

  • 6 ambient sound recordings
  • Total time 9:17


"It's just different - what a great idea!"
"Quality, clarity and usability whinges through every second of each recording"

Urban Middle East
Field Recordings 004

Category: Field Recordings

The air is thick with heat, dust and bustling city activity in this carefully recorded ambient sound collection. Across the 6 files contained you will be presented with a range of street sounds from frantic market sellers and twittering finches shading from the burning sun, to the hum of air conditioning in the empty night. 

If you want to take your listeners on a journey, Field Recordings 004 - Urban Middle East is the release you've been waiting for. We've shaded our eyes from the relentless sun and squeezed our way through the crowds, microphones and recorder in tow, so you don't have to!

With recordings ranging in length from 1:04 to 2:12, this pack is perfect not only for music producers but for game and film sound designers too. 

Feel the heat with Field Recordings 004 - Urban Middle East!

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  • 6 WAV Field Recordings

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