Adding Bass Depth With Reverb In Reason

Welcome back to our music production video tutorial series, where we're taking another exciting dip into the hazy, beat-tastic world of Hip Hop guru Flying Soulo! This time around, our man shows you how to beef up your kick drum samples using a simple but ingenious convolution reverb trick.

By applying a short, resonant impulse response to a convolution reverb unit, it is possible to add a deep, bass-heavy tail to short drum and percussion samples, rather than creating the impression of a realistic space which this type of plugin would normally be used for. The technique is demonstrated using percussion samples from our Fragment - FX Drum Samples release, alongside some loops from LA Beats - Loops & Samples for context.

Fire up Reason and make those kicks loud, proud and deliciously deep - watch the video below to find out how:


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