Giving Your Hi Hats Momentum With Reason's Vocoder

Video Tutorials

It's that time again to take a quick but deep dive into the pool of learned knowledge that is Flying Soulo's guest video tutorial series! This time, we're revisiting that most pesky of production issues - how to get rid of the dreaded 'machine gun effect'.

Whilst this might be a topic our man in the production field has already addressed in this video, as he makes clear below, you can never have too many methods of dealing with problems when in comes to music production - in fact, often the solution you choose can go some way towards defining your own sound.

For method, we call upon Reason's trusty Vocoder device to modulate a sampled hi hat pattern, something which perpetually suffers from stale, repeated sample use - by using a second, but crucially, silent, audio loop as our modulator signal into the vocoder unit, we can apply a subtle, shifting filtering effect on our hi hats and all in space of mere seconds!

Dive deep and enjoy - take it away Mr. Soulo: