Wavetable Synthesis In Reason

Video Tutorials

I'm delighted to present the first in our brand new guest video tutorial series, all about implementing Wavetable Synthesis in Reason! The tutorial comes from Flying Soulo, a brilliant producer and winner of our recent Get Your Music Featured competition, who demonstrates how this very simple trick can become a powerful and flexible tool for sound design and creating your own basic synths within the Reason DAW.

Wavetable synthesis is the process of cycling or repeating the same small chunk of sound, or wavetable, at a given constant speed to produce a consistent tone or note.

The rate or repetition, or frequency, determines the pitch heard and the samples or waveform included within the wavetable determine the texture of the sound - hence, this technique can be used to generate pitched, synth-like tones from any type of material, pitched or otherwise! In the video, Flying Soulo demonstrates this by creating a bass sound from a drum loop taken from our LA Beats loop collection.

It's simple, it's brilliant and it's a LOT of fun to experiment with - check it out and get creative! Take it away Flying Soulo: