Edge of Orbit
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Pack Contents

  • 43 Impact FX (explosions, hits & sub drops)
  • 26 Transition FX (falls, risers & reverses)
  • 16 Drone FX
  • 15 Texture FX

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Edge of Orbit
SFX Samples

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WAV Samples
WAV Samples

Ensure all chairs are in the upright position because this is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride! Edge Of Orbit - SFX Samples, our latest collection of pristine SFX sounds, is filled to bursting point with all the propulsive fuel your music needs to rocket off far beyond the stars!

Crafted from our intense Edge of Noise - FM8 SFX Presets and interplanetary Orbital SFX - Massive Presets collections, this release gathers 100 powerful and momentous sound effects that will ignite the fire waiting to burn bright in your tunes. From huge impacts and explosions that'll kick-start your beats and breaks, to adrenalin-fuelled transition FX such as falls, risers and reverses to send your fills soaring high, these WAV samples will push, pull and propel your music towards that euphoric climax!

As well as epic hits and gliding sweeps and whooshes, Edge Of Orbital - SFX Samples also offers layers of sonic textures, drones and sound beds to heighten the musical mood. A range of production tools have been expertly manipulated for this release, from noise and classic oscillator waveforms to mangled distortion units, gigantic reverbs, frenetic LFO modulations and much, much more.

Become the master of musical ebb and flow and stock up on a wealth of musical missiles and fireworks - load up Edge Of Orbital - SFX Samples into your session now!

*This pack is intended for those who can't enjoy Edge of Noise or Orbital SFX because they don't have the FM8 or Massive soft synths.

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  • WAV Samples

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  • 100 WAV Samples

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