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It's been another action-packed week in the music blogosphere, full of interesting things to read, hear and ponder. Certain developments took us completely by surprise (see Ambassadeurs' incredibly atmospheric new single, as aired on BBC6 Music yesterday), whereas others have been months, even years in the making (witness Bitwig's slow rise to fame). Get yourself comfortable and enjoy our picks below!

1. Bitwig is finally here

The latest piece of software to enter the DAW foray is Bitwig, coming to you all the way from, er, Berlin, from, ahem, ex-Ableton employees'but don't let that fool you! Whilst Bitwig borrows some familiar DAW architecture (arrange view, audio clips, mixer section etc), it also offers some innovative and truly exciting features, such as advanced modulation mapping, layered audio clips, histogram-based editing, an extensive randomise feature and more. Definitely one to check out.

2. Download the stunning new single from Ambassadeurs (for free)

We were happily minding our own business the other day, working on some new loop material when that happiest, rarest of moments occurred - a track came on the radio that was so instantly captivating, we had to drop what we were doing and listen in stunned awe! 

Ambassadeurs' brilliant 'Rain', available as a free Soundcloud download, packs in a foot-stomping dustep groove and gorgeously arpeggiated synths, whilst still finding time for intricate percussive rhythms and haunting vocal edits. Essential listening.

3. Top 100 influential music blogs

Ever find yourself stuck for new music' Well, kiss that feeling goodbye as Style of Sound's excellent list of 100 of the brightest and best music blogs crash landed into the social stream-of-consciousness last week. No matter whether you're into Garage, Grime, Grunge, Gabba or whatever, there will be something on this list for you.

4. Machine Love interview with MK

Detroit house pioneer, Marc Kinchen aka MK stops in for a chat as part of Resident Advisor's excellent Machine Love series. Cue fascinatingly geeky anecdotes about gear and studio frolics - entertaining reading for any producer but you might just pick up a studio tip or two in the process.

5. New track from Nicolas Jaar and Sasha Spielberg

The prolific and immensely talented (and stupidly young) Nicolas Jaar once again teams up with Sasha Spielberg (indeed, daughter of Steven) for a track to be released as part of the forthcoming record store day. Lulling, lilting pop vocals and pleasingly bouncy bass and beats' Go on then!


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