Sidechaining In Reason

Video Tutorials

We couldn't be happier to welcome back our resident Reason expert to the production hotseat this week, the esteemed Flying Soulo!

He's been busy cooking up a brand new mixtape since his last video tutorial, which is a lush and deeply personal meditation on the strange global events of 2020. Bursting with his signature musicianship and West Coast-influenced style, we highly recommend you give it a spin!

As a result of all that time in the studio, Mr. Soulo has picked up a raft of new tips and production tricks that just might help make the difference in your next beat - for this video we dive into the world of sidechaining, exploring how it can be used to carve out space in your mix without sacrificing depth or low-end weight.

From classic sidechain compression off the kick drum to a more unusual implementation using filtering, Flying Soulo imparts his production knowledge with his usual clarity and flair - watch below and enjoy: