MIDI Files

MIDI Files allow you direct access to the fundamental building blocks of music, so take your pick from the basslines, chord progression, lead melodies and drum rhythms included in our MIDI range below and get creating today!

Deep Trap Loops

Drive double-doses of thick, dirty Bass and sugary, saturated Synths into your music!
Broke Beats

Hip Hop Drum Loops

Big, brazen Hip Hop Beats, Samples and MIDI, fusing vintage dirt with modern sheen!
Sleepless City

Deep R&B Loops

Dark, atmospheric R&B Loops, full of deep Drums, Synths & soaring Guitars!

Sleepless City

"The Pads are the leitmotif of Sleepless City, with their spectacular mix of warm and synthetic"
- FLStudioMusic


Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops

Drift amongst the hazy clouds with 50 Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops!
Open Spaces

Vintage R&B Loops

Fire up 50 Synth & Bass Loops for analog-style R&B flavours with a modern twist!
Dark Waves

Deep House Loops

Dive deep into a mysterious, sonorous world of 52 Bass & Synth Loops!
Golden Temple

Hip Hop Loops & MIDI

Pure digital energy pulsates through these Hip Hop Synth Loops, Drum Samples and MIDI!
Curved Horizon

Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

Feast your ears on 50 beautifully warm, analog-style Synth, Pad and Bass loops!
Future Trap

Synth & Bass Loops

Blow up your bass with 50 massive Trap Synth & EDM Bass Loops!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Loops [Extension]

Welcome to the sun-baked, dreamy sound of 53 Bass & Synth Loops!
Vanishing Points

FM8 Minimal Synth Loops [Extension]

50 fizzing and popping Minimal Basses and Synth Chord Progression Loops!

Massive Pad Loops [Extension]

50 Pad and Chord Progression Loops, from blissful to brooding and beyond!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Loops

50 vibrant House Synth Loops, from smooth Bass to silky Sequences and more!
Dubstep Metropolis

Synth Loops [Extension]

50 manic, epic Dubstep Synth & Bass Loops that aren't afraid of the dark!

Flexible MIDI Files For Your Next DAW Arrangement

MIDI files are an incredibly versatile production ingredient - they store melodic, harmonic and rhythmic note content, allowing you to apply these elements to any synth sound you have in your collection. This amazing flexibility is the reason we've put so much effort into producing the best MIDI files available online, anywhere!

We include royalty free MIDI files with all of our loopsynth preset and sample packs, which enable you to audition synth presets, rework lead patterns and thicken up drum parts simply by importing the equivalent file with the same name straight into your sequencer.

All of our MIDI format elements are professionally prepared, available for instant download and ready for you to edit right away on screen, or by using your MIDI keyboard and controller. Take full sonic, melodic and rhythmic control of your music and buy MIDI files from the finest collection there is!