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Pack Contents

  • 40 Djembe Samples
  • 53 Bell Samples
  • 42 Shaker Samples
  • 53 Glockenspiel Samples
  • 85 Kick Samples
  • 105 Snare Samples
  • 42 Percussion Samples
  • 12 Drum Kit Patches
  • 4 Channel Strip Settings (Drum Processing)


"Highly recommended for producers looking for real percussion samples, well recorded & versatile"
"This is a fantastic, lovingly curated collection of hits perfectly suited to dance styles"
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Live Percussion Samples

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WAV Samples
Reason ReFill
Logic Pack
FL Studio Pack
Ableton Live Pack

One of the joys of spinning vintage vinyl is hearing the full, crunchy sound of percussion just gently pushed into overdrive through an old mixing desk. The heat and energy of the percussionist's performance flows out and fills your room, just as it did during the original session - it is exactly this warm, saturated sound that is the very soul of our latest sound pack, Pulse - Live Percussion Samples!

A glorious abundance of crisp attack and energetic vibe is to be found in this collection of 420 royalty-free percussion samples. With both glisteningly clean and punchy, saturated versions of each folder of sounds included, this library of organic percussive power contains a wealth of tones, timbres and textures to spread out beneath, above and throughout your drum tracks. 

From resonant, vibrant djembe and conga samples, shimmering, glassy bells and glockenspiel taps to rich, layered kicks and unique, sparkling snare samples, this sound pack contains a huge variety of percussive flavours, ready and waiting to be injected straight into your next production!

Alongside the samples themselves, we've crafted 12 percussion sampler kits for your favourite DAW, bringing together intuitive combinations of the core sample library with full mixing and panning already performed for instant use after download.

From mellow Downtempo and smoky Hip Hop to exotic House and cutting-edge Techno, these characterful samples will shine and shimmer through a huge range of musical settings. 

We've even included 4 channel strip effects to complete the collection, ready to help pump up the volume, crunch down the highs and set your rhythms in motion no matter what kind of music you're cooking up.

Take a tip from the old masters, handed down through beautiful, dusty wax - add the sparkling intensity of real percussion sounds to your music and pick up Pulse - Live Percussion Samples today!

Format Contents

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  • WAV Samples
  • Reason ReFill
  • Logic Pack
  • FL Studio Pack
  • Ableton Live Pack

WAV Samples Contents

  • 420 WAV Percussion Samples

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Reason ReFill Contents

  • 420 WAV Drum Samples
  • 12 Kong Kits
  • 4 Combinator Effect Patches

*Please update to Reason 8 to ensure compatibility with this ReFill

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Logic Pack Contents

  • 420 WAV Drum Samples
  • 12 EXS24 Kit Presets
  • 4 Channel Strip Settings
  • 1 Logic Pro 9 Demo Project
  • 1 Logic Pro X Demo Project
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FL Studio Pack Contents

  • 420 WAV Drum Samples
  • 12 DirectWave Kit Presets
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Ableton Live Pack Contents

  • 420 WAV Drum Samples
  • 12 Drum Racks
  • 4 Audio Effect Racks
  • 1 Ableton Live 9 Demo Project*

*Please update to Ableton Live 9.6 or newer to use the presets in this pack

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