Reason ReFills

Our Reason ReFills, for use in the award-winning Reason DAW, are packed to bursting with inspiring REX2 music loops, Dr. Octo REX patches, Reason drum kits and more, ready and waiting to kick your music productions into overdrive!
Downtempo Bundle 3

Loops & Samples

$98.96 $54.98
Drift through a haze of sun-soaked guitars, synths & beats with this vast collection of Downtempo loops & samples!
Drum Bundle 2

Analog Drum Samples

$96.22 $54.98
Unleash a torrent of analog drum machine punch within your DAW with this colossal choice of 1,618 drum samples!
Cassette 808 Drums

Mini Pack 0013

Wash your next booming 808 beat in the retro crunch & hiss of a vintage tape machine with 112 driven, punchy drum samples!

Ambient Drones & Samples

Submerge your music in a dark, 1.88GB tide of swirling, deeply textured Ambient samples, SFX textures & drones!


"...this pack will set your arrangements adrift into a wide open sea of possibility"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Ambient Techno Loops

$24.74 $20.62
Cloak thumping Techno beats & pulsating bass in layers of rustling Ambient texture with this set of 200 hallucinatory music loops!

Cinematic Drones & Textures

Send your soundtrack to the stars with this 1.1GB collection of swirling Ambient drones & smouldering Cinematic textures!


"We particularly like the sci-fi movements of the 'Rhythms' folder...spacious & celestial"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Ambient Loops & Rhythms

Build layers of deeply atmospheric texture & tone like the Music of the Spheres with 583MB of Ambient drones, synths & rhythms!

Dark Cinematic Samples

Spill an ocean of deep sonic atmosphere & tension over your next soundtrack with 1.22GB of dark Cinematic samples & textures!


"...dynamic & spectacular...the imagination on display is amazing"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Drum Machine Samples

Take home a crate of 433 genuine, vintage drum machine samples, bursting with retro grit, punch & classic character!

Ambient Loops & SFX

Send your music swirling round a bottomless Ambient vortex with 1GB+ of dark synth drones, glitch textures & Downtempo rhythms!
Ambient Bundle 3

Loops & Samples

$98.96 $54.98
Dissolve your music in 2.44GB of drifting Ambient drones, sifting synth textures & delicate SFX layers!
Cinematic Bundle

Loops & Samples

$123.71 $68.73
Pour a 3GB ocean of deep, swirling texture & submerged Ambient rhythm over your next track!

Trip Hop Loops

Explore the secrets of a hidden musical landscape with 692MB of analog-drenched Trip Hop rhythms, vintage synths & more!


"...hypnotic electronic trip-hop kits with some especially characterful pads & synths"
- MusicTech Mag


Ambient Loops

Immerse your music in the golden embrace of 1GB of Ambient synth textures, drones, drum rhythms & beyond!

Synthwave Loops

Turbocharge your next retro synth production with 528MB of hyperdriven, neon-lit Synthwave loops, drum samples & MIDI!
Dark Art

Industrial Ambient Loops

$24.74 $21.99
Catapult your productions inside a vast virtual warehouse resonating with 734MB of quaking bass, synth & noise textures!

SFX & Texture Loops

$24.74 $21.99
Explore the depths and uncover hidden sonic gems with these 120 SFX and texture loops!

Chillwave Loops

Unfurl 563MB of lush Guitars, shimmering Synths & driving Acoustic Drums within your next production!

Drum Samples

$21.99 $19.24
Cloak your beats in deep, smoky atmosphere with 340 punchy, layered drum samples!

Dark Trip Hop Loops

Wade into the deliciously dark, smoky atmosphere of Trip Hop with 601MB of massive beats, synths & guitar riffs!

Inspiring ReFills & Samples For Your Reason Software

Reason is an incredibly powerful music production tool, locked and loaded with a wealth of inspiring plugins and workflow. Complimenting these devices is the ModeAudio catalogue, bursting with the very best Reason ReFills available, all ready for instant download the moment you find the perfect set of sounds for you!

Featuring everything from pulsing drum loops and deep synth samples to simmering sound effects and beyond, our Reason sample packs come stacked with Kong kits, Combinator patches, REX loops and WAV drum samples  that deliver unprecedented quality and versatility with no exceptions.

From Hip Hop and EDM to Deep HouseChillwaveAmbient and more, take home Reason ReFills from the finest selection around and get your studio rocking straight into the small hours and beyond!

Reason ReFills FAQ

Q: What is Reason?
A: Reason is a digital audio workstation or DAW, which is a piece of computer software dedicated to music production. This software allows the user to record, generate, edit, arrange and otherwise manipulate digital sounds, offering up a complete toolkit for the creation of electronic music compositions.

Q: What is a Reason ReFill?

A: A Reason ReFill is essentially a special zip file that compresses digital audio and presets into a single .rfl file. This saves hard disk space and also makes it easier to transfer files from computer to computer. Reason ReFills store music loops, samples, MIDI and presets for the software's various devices such as samplers and soft synths, and can only be read and opened by the Reason DAW itself.

Q: How do I download Reason ReFills?

A: You can download Reason ReFills right here on ModeAudio! Simply browse our collection above to find out more, where you can make purchases and instantly download zip files that contain our royalty-free ReFills. To install your ReFills, just follow our detailed instructions.

Q: Who created Reason?

A: Reason was created by Swedish company Propellerhead Software, which has since be renamed Reason Studios.

Q: Why is Reason popular?

A: Reason is popular because of its ease of use, as well as its excellent and unique suite of internal devices such as the NN-XT sampler, Subtractor soft synth, Kong drum synth, The Echo delay effect and much more. For anyone familiar with physical music studios, Reason is the perfect gateway into digital music production as it's possible to view and change all of the connections and routings between its various devices like you would in a real studio - with cables, inputs and outputs.